screwing up your life for no good reason, part 10^12.

News from Long Island: Punk-ass teenage thug gets into trouble his Daddy can’t get him out of for a change. Daddy is very upset that the court didn’t show mercy, considering Junior was only 17 when he stabbed an Ecuadorean immigrant to death on the street for kicks, because, hey, can’t a kid screw up once or twice?

What’s amazing is the father’s stubborn insistence to disavow all guilt or responsibility on his son’s part, even though the background story paints a less-than-wholesome picture of the young choir boy.

Let’s recap the situation:

  • Junior has problems with disciplinary infractions in school, twenty-four of them in the last two years.
  • Junior has been arrested for assault before.
  • Junior wears a swastika tattoo.
  • Junior’s idea of fun is to go out with his gang of high school buddies and practice a sport they call “beaner hopping”‘, where they beat up Hispanics because they figure illegals will be less likely to go to the cops.
  • Junior’s merry group of beaner hoppers develops a local reputation for their dedication to the sport, as they practice it on a regular basis for a year or two.
  • During one of the beaner hopping bouts, Junior loses his temper when one victim has the temerity to hit back in self-defense.  Junior produces a knife and stabs Mr. Marcelo Lucero from Ecuador to death.
  • When Junior is tracked down and arrested for the deed, he produces the knife from his boxer shorts, hands it to the cops, and admits the stabbing.

Now, somewhere along the line, Junior’s dad should have looked at all those clues and figured out that his offspring may not be entirely lily-white.  To take offense to the 25-year sentence for manslaughter, and opine that you expected an acquittal in the first place, is the act of someone who’s in total denial about the quality of human being he has managed to raise.

I guess it’s a natural defensive reaction–who wants to face the fact that one’s offspring is a no-good, murdering bully and thug?–but to me, it’s yet another example of how effectively people can practice self-deception.

Now one man is dead, two families are grieving, and a teenager will spend the next quarter century in a concrete cage, with a stinky roommate, lousy food, and communal showers.  And all for absolutely no good reason.

Whenever I read senseless shit like that, I can’t quite decide whether we’re just a hair too smart or a hair too stupid for our own good.  One thing is for sure: any species whose members routinely kill each other over trivialities such as the melanin content of their skin doesn’t quite deserve a seat at the Great Cosmic Grown-Up Table just yet.


27 thoughts on “screwing up your life for no good reason, part 10^12.

  1. Calvin's mom says:

    Now, somewhere along the line, Junior’s dad should have looked at all those clues and figured out that his offspring may not be entirely lily-white.

    I think the problem is that Junior Goebbels is entirely too lily white.

  2. alan says:

    I suspect that the species seated at the cosmic grown up table will still have examples like this of their own.

  3. Heath J says:

    Don’t worry, he’ll be out in 5-7. It’s NooYawk.

  4. Jay G. says:

    Look at it this way. In prison, he’ll be up to his ass in new friends…

    • Tam says:

      I probably shouldn’t have LOL’ed, but I did.

    • Weer'd Beard says:

      I knew a guy who did two years for various stupidities who happened to have a swastika on his arm.

      That’s a bad thing to have in Prison when there might be people other than the “White Retard” demographic in there.

  5. Dave says:

    And he still doesn’t get it. From the article: “I’m really sorry for what happened to Mr. Lucero.”

    Not “”I’m really sorry for what I did to Mr. Lucero.”

    I’d really like to know why the jury didn’t convict on murder, though.

  6. Al Terego says:

    The “beaner” thing is just a ruse.

    A psychopath will torture/kill whomever/whatever can’t/won’t fight back or kill him first.

    If not immigrants, then street bums, or street walkers, or children, or animals, or all of the above.

    His victims share only their victimhood, chosen only for his ability to victimize them. It’s not about racism, or bigotry, or nazism; it’s about abject evil.

    You and I know how to avoid being victimized by the likes of him ourselves, but we seem to not grok the need to permanently remove his like from our midst instead of projecting and assigning twisted motivation and justification. Otherwise, someone we know or love will eventually end up on his list of victim profiles.

    Kill the bastard before our system – and our own need to analyze that which is beyond analysis and comprehension – allows that to happen.


    • perlhaqr says:

      On one level I agree, but on the other, the swastika tattoo is kind of a hint that that’s not all that’s going on. I mean, I know “Racist!” is getting to be kind of overworked, but there’s nothing that says this kid can’t be both psychotic and bigoted.

      I kinda think seppuku might be appropriate for dad, though, having failed so utterly at raising a civilised human being.

      • Außenseiter says:

        You assume everyone is a blank slate at birth. That is an ancient, mostly leftist notion that has been shown to be untrue.

        I know a few psychiatrists, and they say that there are cases of normal, sane, families having a son that is a psychopath, someone who doesn’t have any conscience. I don’t think this family is normal, though. There’s got to be something wrong with he father. Narcissim, perhaps?

        5% of people have many psychopathic traits. There is enough of them to for a viable supply of fresh neonazis and violent criminals.

        • Rick R. says:

          “Psychopathic traits” do not mean you are a automatically a psychopath, or even a violent person.

          Good car salesmen, politicians, and preachers often exhibit psychopathic traits.

          Raise a savage, reap the consequences.

  7. Jake says:

    > a teenager will spend the next quarter century in a concrete cage, with a stinky roommate, lousy food, and communal showers.

    how the Hell does he deserve free rent? I’m generally honest, hard-working when I can find it… haven’t stabbed an Ecuadorian in I-can’t-remember-how-long, and I gotta pay to keep this slimebag busy on a molecular level?

  8. Mike says:

    “…trivialities such as the melanin content of their skin…”

    Thank you! I’ve used exactly those words since I learned what melanin was! You’ve expressed it so much better than I.

    Can we assume much of his behavior was learned at his father’s knee?

  9. samsam says:

    MS-13, Methodist Church, Moose Lodge; really they are all the same thing. Us angry monkeys gotta have our tribes. Until we develop the mental capacity to encompass larger groups, we will always be looking for “others” to separate ourselves from and start conflicts with.

    Is he evil, as Al Terego said above? Or does he simply have a reduced capacity to pretend to be civilized? Either way, he can’t (likely never will) function in our society. But we must keep in mind that most folks only pretend to be civilized, and only as long as things are going well. Remember Serbia; remember Rwanda.

    • Tam says:

      Until we develop the mental capacity to encompass larger groups…

      No, we do not need “larger groups”, we need smaller ones. Until we learn to value the “smallest minority”, the individual, as worthy of existence in its own right, we’re just big-brained hive insects with nukes.

      • Nancy R. says:

        What Tam said.

      • Samsam says:

        By “encompassing larger groups”, I did not mean we should all think and live alike. More like, increase the number of differences you can ignore. Not recommending we cease discrimination, but that we discriminate more judiciously.

        Somewhere there is a guy who thinks cigarette-smoking, gun-toting biker babes are an abomination unto Nuggan. He will do what he can to eliminate them from society, even if they are not inclined to provoke trouble. If he could expand his view a bit, realize the the biker presents no harm to him, and then (assuming a reasonable level of intelligence) cease hostilities. The biker is then free to pursue her life with less interference.

        • Tam says:

          Somewhere there is a guy who thinks cigarette-smoking, gun-toting biker babes are an abomination unto Nuggan.

          Heh. 🙂

          Well, I reckon he’s welcome to think that as long as he wants to, and I respect his rights as an individual.

          If he tries to act on them, though, he’s gonna catch one between the running lights. 😀

        • Al Terego says:

          “If he could expand his view a bit, realize the the biker presents no harm to him, and then…cease hostilities.”

          He’s just misunderstood and needs a hug, yes? You’re doing it again, dude:

          “projecting and assigning twisted motivation and justification”

          That biker chick *is* free to pursue whatever the fuck she pleases as long as *she* doesn’t interfere with anybody *else*.

          And if *he* decides to interfere with *her*, and she’s anything like the biker/smoker/toter chicks I’m acquainted with? When he asks for that *hug* what she’ll hear is *slug* and she’ll give him two.


  10. Al T. says:

    Too bad wild child didn’t catch a bullet in the eye.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Yeah, that would have been the optimal scenario for everyone involved.

      • Ian Argent says:

        I can’t quite agree. In our timeline, someone is dead; in that one someone else is dead. While I won’t dispute that Junior may have deserved killing and that would have been a better solution than the one that occurred(self-defense is a human right); the optimal scenario would have been for him to have received an epic asswhupping that convinced him to change his ways. (If Junior is so set in his ways that this was not possible, put him down like a rapid dog – swiftly).

      • Rick R. says:

        The optimal solutoion involves an alteration of history going back, likely to toddlerhood.

        OK, we all agree. Had Junior been raised as a civiliazed human being, he wouldn’t be a sociopathic animal.

        Once he was already acculturated as a sociopathic predator, elimination is the best option.

        • Ian Argent says:

          My “optimal” solution did require that the goblin be capable of learning from physical negative reinforcement. If not; rabid dog treatment. In either case, the actual solution was about the worst that could have happened assuming the run-up facts

        • Rick R. says:

          Right. The thing is, I strongly suspect (given what we know) that he was well past the GO/NO GO line by the time of this incident.

          The critical path was likely closed before the age of 12.

  11. What struck me about this post is the incredibly functional metaphor embedded therein:

    – Replace references to the son with “government”.
    – Replace references to the father with “the public”.

    I keep trying to shoot arrows at that idea, but none of ’em seem to be sticking.

    The real question may be, who is eventually going to play the part of the convicting jury? 🙂

  12. john b says:

    Personally I think we should follow Archie Bunker’s thought on the matter. Everyone entering a dangerous environment, Plane, bank, NYC, etc. Should all be issued a handgun.

    Norman Lear hit the nail on the head when he had Archie suggest arming everyone going onto a plane.

    I would suggest training as well.
    I’m funny like that.

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