for love of the game.

If this youth baseball story doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re probably Vulcan.


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  1. farmist says:

    Good story, but the page got all blurry.

  2. Al Terego says:

    And if it makes me throw up?

    What a crock of pc, feelgood, pandering, promotional, anti-competitive, socialist crap.

    Al Terego

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Way to piss into someone else’s cornflakes on a Sunday morning, Al.

      There’s a term for people who have to filter absolutely every damn thing in life through ideology, you know. Ever heard of a thing called manners? If I told a group of guests the contents of the article an anecdote I thought worth sharing, would you repeat that comment to my face in my own living room?

      This blogging thing is starting to become a source of aggravation again, what with the recent proliferation of people who think their Internet connection and anonymity give them the right and the obligation to saunter right into a place and take a dump on the cheese & crackers plate if they don’t like the flavors.

      • Al Terego says:

        Oh. Didn’t know that was your own personal kids that were getting a lesson in “pretend you’re from a third-world country without the same access to public funds for extracurriculum as everyone else and that you’ve never, you know, seen a ball game, and your coaches are rejects from a retard farm, and before you know it, the Great White Guilt will bestow all manner of pity, media attention, and more importantly, free shit from promo hungry suppliers on your poor ignernt innocent little head.” And we won’t even get into what this approach to the world does to the kids on the other side.

        Yeah, that’s the perfect lesson-learning method for how to function, prosper, contribute, compete, and become a productive citizen of the real world.

        Think that’s a Vulcan response? No, Spock is emotionless, and this pap creates all kinds of emotion on -both sides of the issue-.

        Any time you are in FLA, I would welcome one-on-one discussion on any topic you choose; while we quite agree on many, I’m sure we could find several with enough opposite thought process to have lively debate.

        And I thought that was the purpose of blog posting, too, but I guess not. Maybe you could post a disclaimer when opposing opinion is not allowed, or there’s always that delete button.


        • Kristopher says:

          If you had done it on my blog, you would not have gotten the delete button … you would have gotten your dumbassed spew edited for “clarity”, in the most embarrassing and amusing lampoons I could come up with.

          And it would have kept happening to your comments until you finally got a clue rammed through your thick skull and decided to do at least one non-socially retarded thing in your life and sod off.

          Marko is way too kind to social retards like you, IMO.

          What is your malfunction? Do you rally want people to think that all people that share your ideology are one-tracked minded boors? Because that was all you managed to accomplish there, sport.

          Could you at least consider not relieving yourself on the drink cart until after everyone has been served? Or is that too hard for you to figure out?

        • Tam says:

          …the Great White Guilt will bestow…

          Gee, Al, I’d totally forgotten to bring my Race Goggles. Thanks for sharing yours. 🙂

          Personally, I was raised to believe that piling on or running up the score against a helpless opponent was unsportsmanlike conduct and akin to bullying.

        • Al Terego says:

          Speaking of piling on, eh Tam? :O)
          VFTP had a post a while back wherein it was discussed how noms de plume segue into noms de fait, so we needn’t go there. So…

          It’s just a little feelgood ditty, yes? All about selflessness, altruism, and helping those that are deemed unable to help themselves.

          But let’s look at the veracity of the story itself. The score was being run up? No, they stopped playing after the first inning. The Roncalli team (a private Catholic school apparently peopled entirely by privileged white girls; wonder why they don’t just attend public school and teach and lead their more diverse teammates by example?) forfeited the game? Not according to their W/L record, which says simply “no score”. They had not lost a game in two seasons? Maybe, but they lost a couple more after this one, apparently to teams that could actually play better than them, so not such a giant sacrifice. The entire thing…like so much of what is spoonfed for mindless consumption…seems structured and arranged solely to manipulate the heartstrings and emotions.

          The girls don’t know where the bases are or which end of the bat to hold? Their “coaches” don’t know where to stand and had never seen a game?!? They don’t even have any pads (sniff!)? Strains credulity just a tad, doesn’t it?

          The privileged folks take up an offering, as it were, and suppliers jump on the band-wagon to provide the equipment to compete, but according to the IPSS budget, Marshall has a budget for athletics (including coaching salaries) on a par with the other schools in the public system. Where did it go? And in any case, if a team was formed with the expectation of competing against others, wouldn’t there have been at least basic practice beforehand? Was this intentionally to embarrass the girls, or was there a dark and orchestrated effort to create or stage this entire event?

          Those goggles are two-way, Tam, and in my view at least, far more insidious when used to view from above by those who believe their intervention, largesse, and superior intellect are required to keep the herd safe and sated.

          “For love of the game”? In fact nothing could be more harmful to what’s left of the purity of sport…and more importantly to the self-image of the Marshall girls and the worldview of the Roncalli girls, than the spectacle written about here. So the fairy-tale payoff ending would be when the former have mastered the game and are dominating the latter in some future meeting, and decide to lay down their bats and walk away with an intentional, sacrificial, payback loss? How incredibly sickening. In the history of our country, sports has been a primary avenue of upward mobility and one of the great equalizers between the races and the “classes”. Would the benevolent herders take that from them too?

          I will retract one response to Marko’s original statement: he said if one doesn’t experience the intended emotion after perusing the linked story, they must be without that ability, like the mythical Vulcans. I said that unlike them, the story is a catalyst for all kinds of emotional response, and while that is true, Vulcans were known too for their purely logical and reasonable approach to life and its machinations. Spock was a half-breed and therefore occasionally “afflicted” with emotion. But when faced with absurdity like this, his logic and reason would have overpowered it and he too might have experienced a wave of nausea…except I guess he was exempt from that quite useful reflex as well.

          “If you had done it on my blog…”

          Except you don’t seem to actually, you know, have one there, superboy.


        • Tam says:

          Speaking of piling on, eh Tam? :O)


          I will admit to having only skimmed the article when I saw it linked from Scalzi’s blog (no doubt where Marko saw it) and didn’t subject it to deconstruction for subtext, instead chalking it up as the cute-but-glurgy human interest story it seemed to be intended to be.

          Still, I don’t feel particularly deprived that the world of amateur athletics was spared another one of these.

        • Kristopher says:

          Used too … needed to shut it down to stay employed and support myself. You know … that thing that all good non-socialists think is a good idea.

          If that and name calling based on an avatar icon is the sum of you argument and social skills, I can see that I have no further need to waste my time even skimming your spew.

      • BryanP says:

        It’s a shame so many people keep feeling the need to prove the guys at Penny Arcade have been right all along.

  3. RevolverRob says:

    Hey Al, not everytime someone opens the comment box, does it mean they are looking for opposing and angry opinions.

    FWIW, I think it’s a nice story. My sister (who is not a reject from the retard farm, but rather graduated top of her class from the University of Texas and worked for five years as an award winning journalist), teaches high school in an inner city school and coaches extra curricular activities. And you know what? There isn’t the same budget that other schools have in this state, where she works.

    Sometimes Al, you never know when you’re going to kick shit into someone’s face who has personal experience with a situation like the one above.


  4. Kommander says:

    Marko, knowing what you know about the kind of people who read your blog are you really surprised that someone reacted negatively to an article of this kind?

  5. ArkieRN says:

    I’ve been watching Disney movies with my grand-daughter lately and I think more people need to learn Thumper’s lesson…”if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all”.

  6. jimbob86 says:

    “For the love of the game”. Roncalli understands that. What enjoyment/enrichment will Roncalli derive from spanking Marshall 50 to zip? (Unless they are unspeakable sadists…. and they have proved they are not…. ) And what love of the game will Marshall gain from such a whipping? Maybe next year, maybe in two or three years, Marshall will have developed skills to make a competitive game of it, thereby holding up their end of the deal with their effort. It IS a “game”, as opposed to “WAR”. …. The goal is to do your level best, as opposed to destroying the opposition.

    …”What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

    Bupkus. And that would have been the value of that 50 to zip slaughter…… Later on in life, it’s the bottom of the 7th (or however ever many innings they play at that level- my munchins play 5), Roncalli 4, Marshall 3(Home team, for those of you keeping score), runners at the corners, two outs, 3 balls, 2 strikes, here comes the …… MONEY PITCH…….

  7. Eldest says:

    I’m jimbob86’s “Eldest”-I’ve played softball for 6 years and the games that are the most fun to be a part of are the ones where the score comes out close, the games that the last inning matters to the last play.

    I don’t see how a game 50-0 wouldn’t be any fun at all for either side. To win a game 50-0 would seem pointless, and to lose a game 50-0 would be humiliating.

    Out of all my years in softball one of my favorite games that I played was one that I lost. It was a close game at the end of a long tournament day. I think it’s more important to have fun and learn something than to just win. I think the girls from Roncalli did the right thing and put learning and fun before winning by a landslide.

    I play softball because I love to play softball, because the girls from Roncalli stepped up, the Marshall team has a chance to love the game too.

  8. BenC says:

    My problem is how irresponsible is it to show up unprepared. Could the coach not read a book and have practice?While you can’t go from zero to hero overnight they should at least know where the bases are and how to hold a bat.It seems to me that is disrespectful of the other team.

  9. Jeff says:


    Thanks for bringing this article to my attention. It was heartwarming and is one of the most “American” stories I’ve read in a while.

    As a culture, Americans value being self-sufficient (or at least we used to). But there is also a tradition of compassion and a desire to help. Not compelled by some authority or giving in to demands from below (THAT would be socialism) but from a genuine wish to share something of value.

    The Marshall players asked for nothing. They didn’t quit and were determined to do their best even in a losing effort. The Roncalli girls did what they did because they enjoy the game and wanted others to share in that enjoyment. These were just some kids getting together to have a good time and learn a skill. I doubt they were thinking about publicity or garnering praise for being noble. This is junior varsity softball for Christ’s sake, not war or even business. It’s supposed to be fun! And who is so small in spirit that they haven’t wanted to share an enthusiasm with newcomers? Perhaps Al, but normal people don’t feel that way.

    Like you, I’m disgusted by the gutless, and anonymous, rudeness of posters like Terego. (Are they like that in real life? Probably not. That would take courage and a willingness to get bitch slapped.) Honest disagreement doesn’t bother me, deliberate incivility does. I seldom encounter it in public because the shield of anonimity is gone. (It probably helps that I’m bigger than most NFL linemen.) Your tolerence of these small minded spewers is much greater than mine.

    I’ve gotten some education and a lot of enjoyment from your blog. This article is just the latest. Thanks.


  10. LittleRed1 says:

    Great story. Kudos to the coaches on both sides, and to the parents who raised kids who were willing to share and wanted to learn!

    In my “home” district, the parents provide a lot of $$ for extras like sports equipment and other stuff through the school Excellence Councils. As you can imagine, there’s not much more than baseline funding for the schools in the poorer parts of town.

  11. Tal Erego says:

    What a crock of feel-good,heartwarming, uplifting warmth! You’re all a bunch of Glibertarian hypocrites, that’s what you all are!

    I didn’t know your own kids we’re involved in this Anti-Competition Travesty. It’s just White Guilt, that’s what I say and trust me I know all about being white. Call it what you want but deep down inside, you’re all mad, like I am, that the Super-competive, rich Aryans didn’t squash the Ghetto Squirts. For once.

    And I am not a socially retarded Vulcan. Nuh-Uh! Mother says so! And Mother knows best. She tells me all the time.

    T &A

    • Al Terego says:

      Y’know what’s worse than being a dick?

      Being dickless. Right, dickless? You know who you are, and it ain’t easy being you, is it?


    • Kristopher says:

      It’s good to see the ancient USENET art of frogging is alive and well.

      Do carry on.

  12. Al Terego says:

    Sorry, Marko…that last exchange actually was disrespectful of your place, and I will ignore further juvenile taunts. AT

    • Tal Erego says:


      Sorry, Marko, my first FIVE comments were pretty disrespectful and ill-mannered.

      I haven’t learned how to disagree without being a disrespectful twat. And I haven’t learned how to be responsible and deal with the powerful urge to shout invective while safely anonymous. Mother hasn’t explained it to me yet.

      I’m sure, should we meet in person, that I’d turn into a well-mannered chap. And it would have nothing to do with the possiblity of you being armed but because I’d no longer have those buffering monitors an untold miles of cable betewen you and me, since I am a rank coward.

      T & A

  13. Prof. Plum Pudding says:

    Dear Munchkin Wrangler and Esteemed readers,

    We here at the Institute for Mad Science and Wurld Domination would like to apologize. It has come to our attention that a number of our experimental Fucktard-bots, namely the program known as Alterego-69, a.k.a “Al Terego” and “Tal Erego” (and many other dumb pseudonyms) has been doing his fucktard best ( we might make that our new motto here) to piss in everybody else Chicken soup for the Soul. That program was accidentally, ejaculated prematurely.

    While there will come a day when we will unleash these programs (and, of course, some that are even more annoying. Yes! Incredibly, its possible.) on an unsuspecting wurld as we pave the way for A.I Mayhem, and ultimately, DOMINATION(tm) at the hands of our army of Mandroids, Randroids and irritating Jewish Grandmothers. Yes, the Learned Elder of Zion were partially correct. Bwa-ha-ha!


    Professor Plum Pudding
    Associate Professor of Information Technology, Wurld Domination and Wymyns’ Studies

    The Institute for Mad Science and Wurld Domination

    666 Skynet Rd.
    Walla Walla, Washington

    “Mayhem, Miltarism and Matzos”

  14. B Smith says:

    Feh. I thought it was a great story, and a great lesson for everyone involved in sports. It’s too bad that so many seem incapable of learning from incidents like this.
    The reason I never played any sports in high school is precisely the kind of attitude displayed by AT, above…the drive to outscore, outplay, defeat— even unto humiliation— your opponents, and even your own damned teammates.
    If you have to make yourself feel good by destroying others, you’re probably the type of annoying, narcissistic bastard whom no one can stand at reunions. Enjoy the lonely view from the “top”.

  15. Jake says:

    I think what rubs me the wrong way about the story is not the act itself, but the fact that it’s written up and paraded around on public display. Lrah, rah, look how good our society is!”

    It takes away from the goodness of the deed when such publicity is derived.


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