It’s exactly one month until Readercon, and I set myself the deadline to finish the first draft of That Damn Sequel before I head down to MA for a few days of convention fun with some of my Viable Paradise friends.  Therefore, most of my non-child-wrangling time is currently taken up with the pushing of the word count.  In addition, I took on some more paying work, which is good because it usually results in cashable mail hitting my mailbox.  As a result, my World of Warcraft characters are once again on hiatus, getting all fat and drunk in various Azeroth taverns, and they’ll have to take a monster-slaying sabbatical until I have a complete draft in my hands.

If you have sent me mail recently, pardon the laggy replies.  I’m working through my Inbox in bursts.


8 thoughts on “krunchenzeit.

  1. CalvinsMom says:

    My son sneezed before the puffed rice soaked in this morning. I thought “krunchenzeit” was the appropriate way to respond to that.

  2. Chang says:

    Well, shit if you’re setting deadlines then I better, too!

    I’ll finish 5 short stories and send them out before then how about that? And I’ll finish the translation/transcription of my manuscript before then. And maybe die a thousand deaths.

  3. Joanna says:

    Chang: There are easier ways to commit suicide.

    *cues up a pom-pom kickline for Marko*

  4. theAxe says:

    How’s the trackball? Are you still as happy with it?

  5. Außenseiter says:

    What’s the point of playing WoW for people who have a “life*”? Apologies for using the painfully cliché expression.

    Is the game even challenging in the way a puzzle game can be? I’ve read that these online games utilize a number of proven behaviorist techniques for ensuring players continue to play them. Why would anyone want to lock himself in a Skinner box?

    To me, even ordinary RPG’s have almost always seemed like the refuge for those who would rather be someone else somewhere else.

    No offense meant, I’m just curious what appeal Wow has for grownups…(who are supposed to know better than students and other beardless riff-raff ..)

    *family, paying work, book about to be published… etc.

  6. johnjacobh says:

    Sorry, don’t know where else to put this.

    Your comments section on Major Caudill posts are closed.

    You are right about gay cooties.

    In Liberty,

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