two awesome things to marginally brighten your day.

Awesome Thing of the Day #1:

Royal Shakespeare Company. David Tennant as Hamlet. Patrick Stewart as Claudius.  If that doesn’t make you want to run out and get the DVD, or add it to your Netflix queue as fast as you can click that mouse button, I don’t even want to know you.

Awesome Thing of the Day #2:

Librarians do Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.


In other news, I’m still alive, but busy with stuff that involves spending some time away from the Intertubes.  Also, the wireless router imploded, so I actually had to hook up an old wired router and string some Cat5 cable like in the information technology Dark Ages of circa 1995.  That means no laptop or iPod access to the Great Link.  I’ll go and get a replacement router this coming weekend, but I’m not in a rush.  For some reason, not having the Internets in my pocket has been a rather liberating experience.

More later.  Be good out there, and don’t make a mess of things on these Intertubes while I’m out.  The last time I left you all without supervision, someone dropped one of those Lithuanian porn spam servers, and the play room was ankle-deep in email links.  Let’s not do that again, okay?  I’d hate to have to ground the lot of you.


17 thoughts on “two awesome things to marginally brighten your day.

  1. maddmedic says:

    (Why do I have this urge to go to the library??)

  2. Zompocalypse.soon says:

    I saw that version of Hamlet, usually I don’t go for modernized Shakespeare but that was wonderful. Highly recommended!

  3. aczarnowski says:

    How did NetFlix fail to recognize we would want that Hamlet version on our queue and shipped directly? Added and moved to the top. Thanks.

  4. Jake says:

    I’m going through Search Term Safari withdrawal 😉

  5. MarkHB says:

    Captain Sir Paddy. YAY!

    Also, yeah. That’s one of the best Hamlets I’ve watched.

  6. LabRat says:

    We wired the house for Cat-5. There are ethernet ports in most of the rooms. (Except the master bedroom. We’d never sleep again.)

    We’re just gonna sit here and smirk now.

    • Tam says:

      I am in awe.

      Yours is the superior geekitude. 😮

      • aczarnowski says:

        What? Everybody doesn’t run a couple patch boards in their basement with two cat5e and two RG6 lines to multiple drops in each room?

        We covered the bedroom too for POTs phone use. Then went cell only. Ah, obsolescence…

        • PhillipC says:

          No, everyone doesn’t run a couple of patch boards in their basement….

          Some of us don’t have basements.

  7. Jinglish says:

    That version of Hamlet is truly brilliant.

  8. Joanna says:

    Saw that version of Hamlet on PBS a few weeks ago, and nearly had a stroke from the vortex of geek spilling out of my TV. I thought it was better than Olivier’s, if I may be allowed to utter such heresy — the performances were much more intimate, and The Soliliquy was soul-chilling.

    Plus Polonius was a hoot.

  9. Tam says:

    What rhymes with “Sunday Birch Firm Daktari”?

  10. Jason says:

    What kind of router are you considering? I’ve been eyeballing those new Cisco Valet’s recently, because my current 4 year old linksys isn’t producing a reliable connection for wireless devices. They’re a bit pricey though, for home N versions.

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  11. Jeff says:

    Loved the production. Aside from the superb acting, the visuals were gripping. Is Patrick Stewart capable of a bad performance? I doubt it. Oliver Ford Davies was by far the best Polonius I’ve ever seen.

    My only “gripe” is that I usually picture Ophelia as more of a hottie. Seriously, I think the torment of a young girl’s/woman’s desires vs. her strong filial devotion and dependence adds to the tragedy of her death. I felt that element was missing here.

    I had to look up Lady Gaga. Had no idea who she was. Sorry I bothered. The librarians looked like they had fun, though.


    • wolfwalker says:

      Any actor is capable of giving a bad performance. But some are less capable of it than others. I think Sir Patrick is about as uncapable of it as one can get.

  12. hmmm says:

    I just saw that entire version of Hamlet in my dream last night. Never seen it IRL, but it will probably be equally awesome to watch while awake.

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