the view from the kitchen table at lunch.

“What’s the deer doing?  What do deer eat?  What do they drink?  What’s that on the deer’s tail?  Is that a girl deer?”

The term “homeschooling” is really a bit of a misnomer.  With all the stuff going on around the house, and all the things the kids see and do every day, I’d have to make a conscious and intense effort not to teach them new stuff all the time.


9 thoughts on “the view from the kitchen table at lunch.

  1. Chang says:

    That deer is stealing your cable!!! Free MTV!!! It’ll just make the deer population grow! Shoot it now!!!

    • Marko Kloos says:

      The dish isn’t hooked up to anything, Chang. If the deer managed to get an old cable box and television out of someone’s trash, it’s welcome to all the Outdoor Channel it cares to watch.

  2. Chang says:

    You know it’d be rubbing its hide to HD theatre. Unless it’s into torture porn then yeah, it’s Outdoor Channel.

  3. Lissa says:

    When do you teach them that Bambi is delicious?

  4. Ancient Woodsman says:

    I see by the line of questioning that you have young kids. Say that line of questions really really really fast (like an MG-42, only louder & faster) and I’ll bet you’ve got a 3 1/2-5 year old.

    Congratulations on the nice view…and the kids. They are lucky to have such a Dad.

  5. cozy place says:

    are you sure that it’s a deer? not a dog?
    LoL, funny blog.

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