search term safaris, and the current lack of prey on the intertubes savannahs.

This morning, I went through the search terms for the last week or two, and came up with exactly two snark-worthy terms.  That’s a pretty thin take.

Lately, the MSTS has been a bit repetitive, since I tend to get the same search terms.  Rather than bore everyone with the same old thing every Monday, here’s the new drill.  I’ll check the search term log daily, and copy & paste the good stuff into a draft post.  Once the draft hits a good number of snarkable terms, say ten or so, I’ll do a Search Term Safari that day.  That will keep the Search Term Safari reasonably fresh, and have it remain a regular feature on this here Interblogs thingie.


5 thoughts on “search term safaris, and the current lack of prey on the intertubes savannahs.

  1. Jake says:

    The internet needs more fools.

    (Who would’ve guessed?)

    • Dixie says:

      More like “a steady supply of fools.” It’s weird… I can go weeks with no odd Google results, and then in the space of a few days, I’ll get some that are truly WTF worthy. Like “handcuff Kierkegaard laser”.

  2. B says:

    My question is, where’d the search toolbar go? All I ever see is the ‘Subscribe’ box, the ‘Category Select’ box and the ‘Archives’ box….?

  3. Außenseiter says:


    Perhaps you could try hunting for more serious prey. Shooting search term squirrels is too easy.

    I guarantee you this will be much more fun:
    The author likely thinks libertarianism is a marxism-analogue (that is, an opiate for the ‘intellectuals’, meaning something that tastes great for those who can think but are not overly concerned with critical thinking.. )

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