the desk: fluctuating entropy.

It’s rather more messy than usual, despite the thorough reorganization I did a few weeks ago.  Work spaces have a way of getting silted up with the detritus of daily activity.

The display is now in a corner, so I have a clear view of the Big Green Desktop on the other side of the windows, and to reinforce that the computer is not the raison d’etre of the desk.  I’m on a simplification binge right now, so I reduced the setup to its minimal necessary components.  The Mac mini doesn’t take up much space on its little shelf, and I tossed out the powered speakers in favor of the ones built into the LCD display.  It’s not exactly room-filling sound, but it’s sufficient for YouTube videos and the occasional WoW session, and it saves a lot of desk real estate.

The portable device on the desk mat is a cellulose-based laptop with solid-state data storage.  It requires no power at all, and the stylus-based input features a 100% accurate handwriting recognition.  It’s super-light, boots up instantly, and the screen is perfectly legible even in direct sunlight.  It’s also dirt cheap…I have a dozen or so stashed away, and they sold me the whole stack for less than a c-note.  Living in the future is awesome.


7 thoughts on “the desk: fluctuating entropy.

  1. John Murphy says:

    100% handwriting recognition? Nice! I barely get 60% out of my cellulose-based laptops.

    (Hello, by the way! I’m poking around the blogs of VP alums to kill time waiting until October. We seem to be neighbors, actually — I live in Lebanon)

    • Marko Kloos says:

      I’m jealous! You’re in for an awesome week. Stockpile sleep, and bring down some of that cheap NH liquor with you…the hooch on the Vineyard is expensive.

      • John Murphy says:

        Ah, good idea! I had been thinking about bringing a gift of home-roasted coffee, but I suspect that even a five pound bag would be hoovered up in just a couple hours.

  2. LittleRed1 says:

    I long for the day when I can have that little on my desk (and that view). It will mean Nonfiction Book 2: The Sequel will be done and I can (finally!) put all my reference books and note binders . . . elsewhere. At present it looks as if someone attended a fire sale at several state agencies and university presses, then threw a messy-bomb into a paper mill. But I can find everything when I need it, where I need it, so perhaps it is not completely Brownian . . . yet.

  3. abnormalist says:

    I’ve always got a problem with the cellulose laptops. My handwriting recognition is somewhere between 1-10%. If only they had them with a keyboard, that wasn’t as loud or as weighty as the ones I’ve seen before.

    A portable mechanical typewriter although nifty in a lot of ways always seemed a bit pretentious in the modern era

  4. NYEMT says:

    Messy? MESSY?! Marko, mi amigo, if the top of your desk is visible, it is NOT messy. You should see MY desk. Actually, NOBODY should see my desk. Actually, nobody HAS seen my desk, including me, for several months. But it’s in a firehouse, so there’re shovels and other weapons of mass destruction available. So all hope is not lost yet. 🙂

    • LittleRed1 says:

      One of my former professors had/has a desk like that. We called it “the Desk of Death” because documents and books set thereupon are never seen again.

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