he can run a mean i.v., too.

Bors A. Dachshund, therapy dog, goes to work with my wife every Wednesday to visit with the residents of the nursing home.  He is quite popular there, and gets lots of attention, head scratches, and stealthy treats, but sometimes there’s a price to pay for all those benefits:


Thankfully, he has no dignity that could be injured.


3 thoughts on “he can run a mean i.v., too.

  1. Eric says:

    How is he with raccoons?

  2. Dear Dr. B.A.D.-

    I have this re-occurring itch just behind my left ear.
    Do you have a reliable remedy?

    DT’s Couger Cat

  3. Lissa says:

    Dear Dr. B.A.D.,

    Could you please convince my humans to put me in a dignified costume like that? Hell, a *nurse* uniform would be an improvement from the chicken and mouse outfits.


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