dispatch from castle frostbite.

Where I am right now:  sitting in the backyard with the new netbook, watching the kids play on the freshly mowed lawn, and sipping a Bourbon & Ginger.

Where I am not right now:  at the 2010 Bloggershoot with all the rest of the local crazies.

I got a needle shoved into my back on Friday, and the cortisone injection has left my back mostly pain-free, but sore.  I didn’t want to spend four hours in the minivan today and risk a relapse, at which point I would lose what’s left of my heavily taxed sanity.  So I regretfully decided to skip the Bloggershoot and take it easy for a few more days, to give my back time to heal.

Here’s a list of social and professional gatherings I’ve missed due to the back episode:

  • Readercon 2010 in Burlington.
  • The monthly German stammtisch in Hanover.
  • Three sorely (no pun intended) needed Dadcations.
  • The third annual Bloggershoot.

All of those were events I had been looking forward to, in the case of Readercon and the Bloggershoot for months, and not being able to attend didn’t do much to improve my mood.  When you’re working from home and doing the stay-at-home parenting gig, social isolation is a problem to begin with, and having to cancel two thirds of the year’s planned Happy Fun Time events is kind of a bummer, to put it mildly.

On the plus side, I had a visit from one of my VP pals, the back is on the mend, the liquor cabinet is well stocked, and there’s still our planned family vacation in late October, when we’ll combine attendance of a friend’s wedding with a family visit in North Carolina.  We’ll see old friends from Knoxville we haven’t seen since 2007, so it’ll be buckets of fun for the adults as well as the kids.

Oh, I do have a netbook now, by the way.  Through some truly circuitous horse-trading, I am now the owner of an Asus Eee 1018PB.  It’s one of the new “Pinetrail” netbooks, and it has an outer shell made out of black aluminum.  It’s also very, very thin, and the combination of thinness and materials makes it look much more expensive and luxurious than it actually is.  I’ve taken to calling it the NetBook Air, since it looks a lot like a shrunken, black anodized version of the laptops with the piece of fruit on the lid.  The iPod touch is still the superior Very Small Computer for Intertubing in bed with the lights out, but the Asus is pretty handy for typing up a blog post in the backyard, and it’s so light and skinny that it’s not much of a burden when I throw it into Ye Olde Writing Satchel with the paper notebooks.  The battery sits flush with the bottom case, but still yields over eight hours of battery life, which is long enough to futz around with it on and off all day without having to plug it in.  It’s not edging out my paper and pens for writing, but it will be handy to have around as a mini-laptop for trips and such, when I need a keyboard and/or a bit more functionality than the iPod touch can offer.

So there: my exciting weekend.  It mostly involved napping, writing, playing with the kids, futzing with new tech, and drinking adult beverages.



7 thoughts on “dispatch from castle frostbite.

  1. LC Scotty says:

    Bourbon and ginger. Is this ginger ale in the bourbon, ginger powder, or have you devised a method to pull everyone’s favorite Gilligan’s Island character out of the teewee for a cocktail and a snog?

  2. You were missed, kiddo…

  3. perlhaqr says:

    We should get you a Banana Jr sticker for it. 🙂

  4. Jay G. says:

    What DT said.

    Y’know, I have to make a trek back out that way to retrieve my AK when it’s fixed at State Line.

    P’rhaps we could meet for a mini-shoot? 😉

  5. MarkHB says:

    It sucks being growed-up, but if you’d buggered your back up even further when it was recovering, you’d have really felt silly. So good on yer.

  6. ZerCool says:

    Another vote for missing Herr Major Caudill. 😦 At the next one, then!

    Bourbon and ginger. Is this ginger ale in the bourbon[?]

    Roughly the other way round. Everyone’s recipe varies with taste, of course, but 1-2 measures of bourbon in a highball glass with ice, filled the rest of the way with ginger ale and a citrus twist or slice.

  7. Lissa says:

    You were missed, sir!!!

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