best writing day ever.

What I did with my day:

Wrote a 3,800-word short story called “Chance Decker, Werewolf P.I.”

It’s pretty damn good, IMHO.  I’ll shop it around a bit and see if I can get any bites.  If I don’t have it sold in a reasonable amount of time, I’ll post it here.  Either way, you’ll get to read it, if paranormal mystery is your bag, baby.

3,800 words comes out to 11 pages of single-spaced print.  Started the thing this morning, and finished it around 3pm.  I’ve rarely had a story jump into my head so fully realized, and so much fun to write.

With all the writing, I totally forgot to make the pizza dough.  It’s rising now, but it will be 8pm before there will be consumable pizza in the house.  Guess the kids are getting leftover lasagna for dinner.  But!  Sacrifices must be made for art, nicht wahr?


4 thoughts on “best writing day ever.

  1. Jake says:

    Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Al Terego says:

    “best writing day ever.”

    That, from the same mind and hand that put to words the stunningly powerful manifesto known as “WTGIC”, and which you have said was scribbled on a napkin in an hour or something, is quite a mouthful. Or handful, whatever.

    I’m guessing the new piece is not my genre of choice, but based on your enthusiasm alone, I will certainly read it. And of course your own satisfaction with your work is its own reward.

    All of that said, your most recent twitt on the sidebar spouting something about “greatest movie”? Well, that does bring your judgement into question, doesn’t it? :O)


  3. Eagle says:

    Have you considered submitting the story to Escape Pod?

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