my weapon is david.

Of all the cool things to do around here in northern New England, this one’s pretty high up on the list:

Learning to handle Harris hawks at the British School of Falconry in Vermont.

One of these days, I’ll go there for some writing research.  Oh, yes, I will.  I mean, what’s more awesomely elegant than hunting with a freaking hawk


10 thoughts on “my weapon is david.

  1. CalvinsMom says:

    “Dark Tower” cycle reference FTW!

    (I always wanted to know more about Cort…)

  2. LittleRed1 says:

    That’s something I have always wanted to try at least once. I understand how serious a commitment becoming a falconer is (full-time-job at least), but yeah. *happy daydream sigh*

  3. Sarah says:

    They’re no match for my army of attack cats. I mean, yes, they’re all laid out sleeping *right now*, just like they are about eighteen hours *every* day, but man, if somebody approaches at just the wrong time…he might be head butted to death.


  4. Glamdring says:

    Harris hawks are one of the most effective predators in the world. They hunt in groups & will send one in on ground while others stay on overwatch if prey gets into some cover.

  5. Lissa says:

    I used to work with hawks at the Carolina Raptor Center. The “new fact” that amused me most was that bald eagles sound like sea gulls — they use redtail hawk voice actors in all those commercials 🙂

  6. I was a falconer in NY for a few years during high school. It is a big commitment, and now that I’m out in the real world I haven’t been able to keep up with it. But I did love it. I flew red-tailed hawks after squirrels usually.

  7. Baker M. Romeo says:

    “I mean, what’s more awesomely elegant than hunting with a freaking hawk?”

    Obviously, hunting with a HAWKSABER. For a more elegant age.

    Lighthawk? Hawksaber?

  8. Ken says:

    Just don’t lose your tiercel goshawk in the woods…you never know what the heck you’ll find.

  9. LabRat says:

    Talk to Steve… at least from my conversations with him, the falconry community of America is relatively small, and likely he’d have plenty to say about them!

  10. caillean says:

    There’s another group/organization you might be interested in called VINS.

    The do raptor (and other avian) rehab and conservation and are always looking for volunteers.

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