don’t drink and stalk.

Of all the dumb ways to go, getting stuck in your boyfriend’s chimney and asphyxiating is probably one of the dumbest.

(Also, it’s proof that a doctorate-level education doesn’t necessarily connote intelligence.)


8 thoughts on “don’t drink and stalk.

  1. Jacob says:

    Is it bad that I saw this headline and assumed that the boyfriend killed her?

    • TimP says:

      Not really, the headline does imply that. If I had seen the headline before reading Marko’s description I would have assumed the same.

  2. Blast Hardcheese says:

    I’d just like to say I find the whole story terribly, terribly funny^H^H^H^H^H tragic.

    Yeah, tragic.

  3. Antibubba says:

    You’d think that, as a doctor, she’d know how many people are killed by the flue each year.

  4. Fred2 says:

    What I don;t get is this is not the first time I have heard of people getting stuck in household flues.

    How big are household flues: 8″x8″? 12″x12″ for a BIG one…

    How big are these people? I can (barely) get my thigh into one of those, nevermind pelvis/skull/ribcage… I literally could not get stuck in one because I can’t fit.

    Seriously, a 6 year old would have trouble fitting down a north-american household flue, even if they were covered by lithium grease and I tamped them down.

    Imean even if by some fluke there’s a massive flue it’s probably rough brick and mortar, it’s be like sliding 220 grit sandpaper lined tube. Seriously, practice your B&E skills on windows and doors, leave the flue to Santa.

  5. Adam-12 says:

    Well, colour me cynical but let’s follow the timeline here. Wednesday night girlfriend tries to get into home, boyfriend leaves. Thursday night with girlfriend’s car and possesssions still at the house, boyfriend stays at home. Curiously, boyfriend cannot hear any sounds coming from home that neighbour claims to have been able to hear from outside the home. Friday, boyfriend leaves for Europe.

    Plausible scenario? (You can all see where I’m going with this) Boyfriend simply leaves annoying girlfriend in chimney and takes off to Europe. Boyfriend exhibits much shock and horror on his return.

  6. RevolverRob says:

    Adam-12, should could have died of suffocation between the time the boyfriend left and returned. The story is unclear as to when the neighbor heard the sound.

    You know they say something like 30% of doctors cheat on exams at some point during their medical school career…Maybe she skipped that part on compression of the human body and resulting suffocation one day.

    All I can really think about is my supervisor’s main lab policy, “Don’t be stupid.” If she had followed this piece of advice…she’d still (theoretically) be alive.


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