another poll on a matter of vital importance.


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  1. alan says:

    Craig, so far. I think there’s still room for improvement.

    • Dave says:

      It is an inappropriate comparison.

      From Connery to Brosnan there was continuity. This was best represented by “Q” played by Desmond Llewelyn for all the Bond films after Dr. No until The World is not Enough in which the franchise attempted to introduce John Cleese as “R” who disappeared with Brosnan when Craig appeared on the scene.

      Through The World is not Enough Bond always had gimmicks and gadgets on which to rely. The Bond played by Craig relies on high tech and modern conveniences but no grenade pens, mini helicopters, fanciful doomsday devices or autos with amazing abilities, although the Aston Martin proved a live saver after Bond (Craig) was poisoned in Casino Royale. The current Bond is more representative of the Jason Bourne style secret agent.

      None of the ‘classic’ Bonds would have likely fought or faired as well when subduing other agents as in the opening scene of Casino Royale and chasing an expert in Parkour through a construction site.

      Craig is a very good Bond for modern times but for all times it remains Sean Connery.

  2. ericasherman says:

    Whew…glad I’m not the only one to have voted for Lazenby.

  3. CalvinsMom says:

    If it’s not Scottish, it’s crrrrrap.

    (Lazenby is a close second in my book, though.)

  4. Ish says:

    What!? No option for David Niven?

    Connery is a rock solid second-best Bond; He was good, but, he benefits from being one of the better men in the role and is definately in some of the best films in the franchise.

    IMHO, Brosnan was the best all-round Bond; the animal magnateism of Connery in one scene, the genteel humor of Moore in the next, followed by the seething, raw edge of Dalton at the drop of a hat… and with the depth of characterisation that only Lazenby had done before.

    Brosnan’s problem is that most of his movie were utter bilge.

    I haven’t yet seen ‘Quantum,’ so I have to vote Brosnan for now. If all of Craig’s films are of equal quality as his first, then I may need to change my vote.

  5. I have to pick only one???

    Seeing that I own the first box set of Bond movies, I would go with Connery (my mom even thinks he’s hot!) Moore, Brosnan, and Craig would be suitable alternates.


    Pharm.Tech RDC’06

  6. Robert says:

    Not sure if he was the “best,” but Pierce Brosnan is who I think of when I hear “James Bond.” Probably because I grew up in the 1990s, when Brosnan was playing Bond.

  7. MaddMedic says:


    As a well known blogger imprisoned in MASS says.

    Thats is all!

  8. DAL357 says:

    It looks like I’m one of the few who really liked Timothy Dalton as Bond, although Lazenby wasn’t too bad either. (I actually remember seeing Lazenby’s one and only Bond vehicle when I was a kid of 10 at the movies, in Panama, of all places.) Dalton had an intensity I found refreshing, especially after the way Moore (my least favorite Bond) made the role seem so whimsical and larkish. Brosnan I’m neutral on. Craig’s okay, but not quite the right fit. Connery was before my time, but from what little I have seen of him as Bond, I can see why many believe him to be the standard to measure all others by.

  9. Lokidude says:

    It all depends on how you define “best.” I grew up with Brosnan as Bond, and he’s smooth and debonair and makes a hell of a spy movie. Connery pretty much defined Bond, as the movies go. However, as a fan of the books, my official vote has to go to Daniel Craig, who pretty much NAILS 007, as written by Fleming.

  10. scotaku says:

    “[I]t is the four pillars of the male heterosexual psyche. We like: naked women, stockings, lesbians, and Sean Connery best as James Bond, because that is what being a boy is.”

    ~Coupling, “Inferno,” original airdate 2 June 2000, written by Steven Moffat, spoken by the character Steve

  11. Adam-12 says:

    Well, it seems everyone remembers the “best bond” as the one they grew up with. For me that would be Connery (my Connery JB impersonation still cracks the kids up to this very day). Lazenby was pretty good but only because he took over after the excrable “You only live twice” (really, Sean Connery disguised as a Japanese ninja! and your big gadget is “little nellie the gyrocopter”! pplllease). If Lazenby had tried to take over after “Goldfinger” his memory would be less stellar. Same with Dalton, after “Octopussy” and a souped-up rickshaw chase scene almost anything looks better. As far as Pierce Brosnan goes, I have mixed feelings. The movies were pretty good, but he never seemed to have his heart in them. He struck me more as a melancholy Russian agent (I liked him in “The Fourth Protocol”). Plus, he didn’t seem like the kind of spy you would want on your side in a scrap. If I was in a brawl though I would definitely pick Daniel Craig to watch my back.

  12. Caleb says:

    I have to go with Daniel Craig, and unlike a lot of people I actually quite enjoyed Quantum of Solace – while it had some really weaksauce parts, it was quite enjoyable watching James Bond wreck people without a lot of high tech gadgets.

    Although the hotel at the end which appeared to be constructed entirely out of bombs was a little ridiculous.

  13. Peter says:

    It’s a tough decision for me, because Sean Connery IS James Bond, but…the last couple Connery efforts were much like Connery himself: bloated, contrived and wheezing, with a broad hint of misogyny.

    Daniel Craig’s Bond is a complete reboot, and is the Bond I wish all the others had been more like…colder, meaner and deadlier.

    In the end, I enjoyed Casino Royale (redux) more than any Bond since Dr. No, and the thrill of the possibility of a whole new generation of Bond flicks–with a vicious edge–makes me shiver. Gotta give the props to Mr. Craig, with a special, lifetime Bond Achievement Award for Connery.

  14. Lemuel says:

    I like Craig as, to me, he’s the closest to the Bond of the books. Brosnan and Dalton were both good as the character, but the movies themselves weren’t all that good.

  15. Jeff says:

    Connery set the tone, especially the early movies (From Russia With Love is my favorite). Craig comes closest to the book character, I think, but it’s been over 40 years since I read them. I enjoyed the physicality and humor Brosnan brought to the role. Problem is the franchise has been around so long they’ve changed the character to reflect the standards of the moment. The Bond of Dr. No doesn’t have much in common with Bond in Moonraker.

  16. Tommy says:

    Are Erica and I the only ones who liked “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”?


  17. Laughingdog says:

    Dalton was hampered by a horrible premises. Your chances of being well received as Bond drop drastically when they use your first role to experiment with making Bond monogamous.

    Connery is my favorite, and Craig is slowly winning me over. But I have to admit that Dalton may have fared better under better circumstances.

  18. john b says:

    I thought I should throw Brosnan a mercy vote since he wanted to be Bond Soooooo badly. Witness an early 80’s show called Remington Steele.

    • Shrimp says:

      IIRC, Brosnan wanted to play Bond much earlier, but his contractual obligation to ‘Remington Steele’ was a problem, and when the time came to mercifully drop Moore, Dalton was chosen.

      I always disliked Moore, but never could put my finger on why that was, until my sister and my mother had had this very discussion. They both agreed that Moore had the humor, and debonaire attitude that played so well, but he didn’t come across as a tough guy in any sense. As my sister said, “Oh, he’s good looking. He just isn’t sexy. He doesn’t seem the kind of guy to solve things with his fists, and sometimes things need solved with fists.”

      Their favorite, and mine, was always Connery. Otherwise, I agree with Ish.

  19. Windy Wilson says:

    So Connery is it, then.
    The real question that no one ever asks is, what is the best Connery Bond film, which is the best Moore Bond film, and which is the best Brosnan Bond film?
    I vote for “From Russia With Love”, “For Your Eyes Only”, and “Goldeneye”. I can’t distinguish the two Dalton films and I haven’t seen Craig, so I can’t vote there.

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