rain (n.) \ˈrān\: a mild depressant.

It’s raining cats and dogs out there, and I’m busy catching up on work.  This week has been a busy one.  We had friend Thorsten staying with us until Thursday morning, and I had various winterizing activities to perform around the castle grounds.  The lawn has been cropped one last time, the lawnmower stored in the tool shed, and the snow blower has been checked and function-tested.  In another eight weeks or so, we’ll probably see the first snow, and then it’s Winter Wonderland around here until at least the end of March.

With almost a week of hosting and socializing, I’ve had very little spare time for writing, which means I have a lot of narrative piled up for me to shovel.  That Damn Sequel will be finished by December 31st, even if I have to spend the last week of the year putting in 12-hour sessions, subsisting only on eggnog and leftover Christmas goose.

In two weeks, we’re heading down to SC for our Great Family Odyssey.  Friends of ours are getting married, and we’re going to use the opportunity to do a whirlwind tour of the South.  Robin’s family lives in NC and TN, and we’ll stop by in Knoxville to check on House #1, which has been rented out for almost two years now.  We’ll be away from Castle Frostbite for a little over a week.  I’m currently calculating how much gin & vermouth I will need for emergency rations.


5 thoughts on “rain (n.) \ˈrān\: a mild depressant.

  1. If you are coming south you need bourbon or Tennessee sour mash whiskey! It will put you in the proper mood for our slower way of life.

  2. Al T. says:

    Note the mileage to House # 1 – it’s tax deductible.

  3. Tam says:

    While you’re in K-town, don’t forget to say “Hi” to Shannon and Bob, or they’ll get all butthurt and think you don’t like them and stuff.

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