riddle me this.

Why is it that the demographic most distrustful of police and military is usually of the opinion that only cops and soldiers should have guns?


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  1. og says:

    Because they’re idiots.

    Was this a trick question?

    • perlhaqr says:

      This was going to be my answer.

    • Außenseiter says:

      Duh? Most everyone is an idiot, to some degree or another. “They’re idiots” ~ “they’re human”…

      You should know ;-), after all, your favourite politcritter is renowned for famously asinine pronouncements.

      AS to OQ… I believe it’s because those people are the most ‘domesticated’ ones. You know, social group size has probably been increasing ever since men invented agriculture. In agricultural societies, hierarchies and hereditary leadership first appeared (afaik. Most hunter-gatherer bands elected their leaders, according to what I read). In feudal societies, aggression and independence weren’t exactly advantageous traits. The local king didn’t like that kind of people. Those who crawled on their bellies and abased themselves before their leaders were more likely to survive..

      There’s a theory, that this sort of selection is the reason why Chinese are so conformist. They’ve had civilization the longest, and during 99% of their history, being aggressive, rebellious (as in, not willing to bend over and take it like a good peon) has been sort of dangerous.

      So you get people who don’t want justice, or liberty, but hope to have a just masters.

      They consider themselves weak, they don’t trust themselves, nor their fellow men, and believe only the powers that be should have guns (gun is a symbol of power, after all. RL equivalentto a magic wand))

      Can’t get my head around that kind of thinking. But then, I’ve never been part of the human herd.

    • Kristopher says:

      Not idiots … just not entirely conscious. If they were merely idiots, they wouldn’t be causing so much grief.

      These people are operating in right-brain land … where logic is not used, and similarity rules.

      Guns are only in the hands of cops and criminals in their universe. If you are not a cop, and have a gun, you are a criminal ( just one running around loose and uncaught ).

      They recoil at the notion of non-cops with guns like a horse spooked by a stick because it vaguely resembles a snake.

      People operating in this mode are also very good with social skills, another right brain function. Which is why they can cause so much damage through political means.

    • FMG says:

      Holy crap, og! I almost pissed myself! That was both succinct and beautifully put!

  2. alan says:

    Is it that they’re distrustful of the police and military or that they don’t like some things the police and military do? They certainly seem ok with having police and military support for forcing people to do what THEY want.

    How are you gonna kill the 25 million people needed to usher in the new socialist Utopia without cops and soldiers?

  3. pdb says:

    Then you have the inverse of that Venn diagram, Radley Balko.

  4. JD says:

    I think it is because they hope to one day control the cops and military so they control the guns. Then they will do as they wish. . . . another reason we can’t let them take over. . .

  5. Timothy Fox says:

    Only messed up people have guns.

    You have to be a messed up person to be a cop or join the military.

    Where’s the inconsistency?

    (But WE aren’t like those messed up people. We’re above all that …)

  6. farmist says:

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder” – Michael Savage

  7. Matthew Carberry says:

    “…only cops and soldiers should have guns”

    you left off the unspoken codecil “… but like in Britain; not too many, only on duty, and with tight restrictions on use determined by enlightened people like us.”

  8. Eric says:

    Because the cops and the military are government employees?

  9. Unix-Jedi says:

    Because the police and soldiers have the training.

    Seriously, that’s why.

    But the problem when we, as the gun culture say that, and they, as the hoplophobes say that, is that “training” isn’t being used with the same definition.

    When they say “Training” they mean “In following [my] orders.”

  10. Antibubba says:

    Because they are expressing their emotions, not logic.

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