help a poor night elf out.

This is a bleg for those of you who are both a.) World of Warcraft players, and b.) in possession of a reasonably fast broadband link. 

If you’ve downloaded the 3.3.5 > 4.0.0 patch for WoW, and you’d be willing to burn it to a DVD and send it my way, I will name a wing of the future Castle Frostbite 2.0 after you.  (There will be a gold plaque and everything.)  We’ve been trying to hoover the patch down through our 128kbps link for three days now, and we’re at 24%.  At the current rate of transfer, we’ll be able to play our paid subscriptions again roughly around Christmas.

I’ll reimburse you for your time and shipping, of course.

(Also: Screw you, Blizzard, for pushing a freakin’ 4.76GB patch. Not all of us are on freakin’ Verizon FiOS.)


22 thoughts on “help a poor night elf out.

  1. divemedic says:

    I don’t play, but I can help you out. If this is the patch, send me your address, and I will get it out in the morning:—v4.0.1

    Will a usb drive work?

  2. Casey says:

    Wow, 4.76G patch? I remember griping about the 120 Meg patches. Course, I was still playing over Dial-up when I finally gave up on it post Burning Crusade…

  3. LabRat says:

    Divemedic seems to have you covered for now, but give us a poke and we’ll fix you up whenever. 4.0.3 is bound to be even bigger.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      I appreciate that. We will almost certainly take you up on that, unless the bandwidth fairy runs a FiOS trunk past our house between now and then. Hell, I’d settle for just plain, garden-variety 2Mbps DSL.

  4. Fred2 says:

    You know I’ve been jealous of you up at Chateaux Frostbite, gazing across the rolling acres of granite, but I just realized I could download that over dinner.

    There are certain very minor advantages to life in the burbs of Major Metropolitian Area.

  5. jetfxr69 says:


    I’ve got the download running too (and I don’t even play WoW). If for some reason the other download/disk/delivery doesn’t work, let us know and I’ll send a copy.

  6. Peter says:

    Just wait until you get the patch, and realize everything you ever knew about playing your toon is now about as relevant as Sarah Palin at a philology convention.

    • LabRat says:

      And as I recall, he plays a hunter as his main, too. Ouch.

      • Marko Kloos says:

        Wait…what’s happening? Do we now have only three skills, or something? One “attack” button, and one talent tree?

        • Peter says:

          Oh a Huntard! Well, there’s good news and bad news…

          The good news is your pets are now seriously OP and all ammo has been removed from the game.

          The bad news is all the itemization on your gear changed, all your gems changed (and probably won’t work for you anymore) and–oh yeah–you have to re-spec.

          It shouldn’t take you more than a couple 12-hour days to get caught up…heh.

        • LabRat says:

          You forgot the neutral news, which is that hunters are on a completely different resource system instead of mana that works kind of but not quite like energy and that their new shot rotations revolve around charging and expending it.

  7. freddyboomboom says:

    Email sent, but I forgot to add that they put out most of the patch in a couple of different files, starting about 3 or 4 weeks ago, if you let your background downloader run after playing…

    The day the patch went live, I only needed to download about 5 megabytes…

  8. Sigivald says:

    Seriously, that’s not really FIOS territory.

    Even on 1.5mbit, that’d just be overnight territory.

    (Just under 9 hours at full bandwidth, assuming a 10:1 correction from notional bandwidth to real…)

    I remember overnighting on 14.4k dialup…

  9. Justin says:

    The even better part? You will have to download another gig after you update. About 500 mb before you play, and another 500 will download while you play.

    I am on the same type of connection you are, and it was rough. Fortunatly for me, a month ago we took a trip to my inlaws house and I downloaded the main patch there.

  10. divemedic says:

    I downloaded it in about an hour and a half, and sent it out to him by snail mail on Monday.

  11. Robin Kloos says:

    Thanks to everyone for supporting the poor night elf! And my poor night elves, as well.

    Elune be with you!

  12. Leit says:

    Alliance scum!

    Yeah, that patch has been the cause of more than one unsub in South Africa as well. Not everyone has unlimited and/or cheap bandwidth. If one of the big selling points of your game in markets outside of the US and Yurrup is that it runs on virtually any connection and uses minimal bandwidth, you may want to rethink dropping patches almost the size of the damn game.

    At least they made Ret more fun to play, if a little frustrating when the RNG screws you.

  13. Owen says:

    the last few days of being a Troll Hunter have been rough. It’s liek learning the whole game over again.

    I’ve been fishing alot.

  14. Owen says:

    Oh yeah…Die Alliance Scum!

  15. dave says:

    The forums at should have all the good information compiled for the various classes and specs should need more information 🙂

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