xkcd on not-science.

XKCD is especially full of win today:


6 thoughts on “xkcd on not-science.

  1. Chang says:

    This and other relevant things remind me of what comedienne Susie Essmann said once: “People who believe in stupid shit shouldn’t get to use science, as in: you believe in creationism? You don’t get to use a cellphone or the internet or anything made in the 20th century.”

    So essentially that makes them Amish. And crazy.


    Or, as the Atomic Nerds are wont to say, “Science: We’ll Fuck You Up.”


  3. Windy Wilson says:

    Actually, it’s “Science: It works even if you don’t belive it will.”

    Another example to put on the list would be that 200 mpg carburetor that was such a popular urban legend some years back. Oddly the story was the CAR manufacturers were suppressing it, not the oil companies.

  4. glamdring says:

    Teh awesome!

  5. Glamdring says:

    I have asked people that don’t “believe” in Radiometric dating if they believe nuclear power plants work? They both rely on radioactive decay after all.

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