gee, thanks, postal service.

This just arrived in the mail:

Picture 009

That would be one mangled envelope, sans content, repackaged in a standard USPS “Oops, We Broke It” envelope.  Instead of the hotly anticipated flash drive with "World of Warcraft” patch, it contains nothing but the stale air from some postal distribution center.

Divemedic, I guess I owe you a new USB flash drive.  I’m also guessing there will be no World of Warcraft at Castle Frostbite this weekend, which will make the Lady of the Castle very cranky.

At this point, I’m dangerously close to saying “Fuck it”, and canceling my World of Warcraft account altogether.


18 thoughts on “gee, thanks, postal service.

  1. Wow, apparently postal employees will steal ANYTHING.

  2. ILTim says:

    Or their letter sorting machinery is not gentle with unusual lumps.

    They probably have NO IDEA where that little usb device on the floor came from.

  3. Ed Hering says:

    Yeah, pretty much if you want it to get to the address on the label, you have to insure it and get delivery confirmation. They don’t dare screw with something that has $500 worth of insurance on it…and if they do, you get $500. Win-win.

  4. Jeff says:

    Could you get it via wifi on tomorrow’s dadcation? I’m happy to offer my fios, but it’s about 2 hours drive each way.

  5. divemedic says:

    That sucks. I was hoping to help you out there.

  6. ibex says:

    I am also close to canceling my account, because I have already installed the patch. They improved WoW, now it sucks. I’ll wait until version 4.0.2, if that still feels like nobody took the time to actually play test the game, I’ll go back to Minesweeper until the release of Guild Wars 2.

  7. Fodder4Thought says:

    Not that this would actualy be an issue with your friendly readership, but I generally try to steer clear of posting something with my physical address on the intarditch.

  8. Vaarok says:

    He fails for shipping it in a regular shaped document envelope. Those document envelopes go through the magic sorting machine at a million miles an hour, so of course it fed halfway and was eaten.

    To send a small innocuous item like a USB drive, you need to take a sheet of cereal-box weight cardboard, fold it in half to make a semirigid envelope, and then mail that.

    It costs no more, but because it is a parcel and not a normal envelope it doesn’t go through the hub’s sorting machine.

  9. Gerry N. says:

    Or the sender could stop by the store and purchase a padded mailing envelope for thirty or forty cents. Of course the postage goes up to about half a dollar. Sensible only if the data and the flash drive they’re on are worth more than ninety cents.

    Gerry N.

  10. Robert says:

    The pack ship place or post office that the sender took it to failed hard. I worked at a pack/mail place for a short period, and a USB drive of any sort is nonmachineable, and needs to packed differently than stuck in an envelope with an addy. Unless the sender just put it in their box, where ever they took it should have known otherwise. While a USB drive, or the one I carried on my key chain at least, would fit through the standard “postal slot”, because it is not a uniform size the machines they use would, as already stated, tear up whatever it was in.

    My best advice from working at a pack/mail/post place would be to get a small padded or bubble and ship it that way. Also, you could try sending it UPS, as UPS automatically gives $100 in insurance, and added insurance is amazingly cheap (when I was working, and where I was working with our relationship with UPS, it was fifty cents for every $100 of added insurance). Further, while the USPS delivery dates are just sorta/kinda shots in the dark, UPS delivery date is guaranteed, and they have real tracking, not that joke of a tracking system that the USPS uses.

    When I sold aftermarket go fast parts for cars, we only used UPS no matter what the ship cost, because when shipping $2500 exhausts for Dodge Vipers and $10000 turbo kits, we really did not want to eat the cost if anything went wrong, and UPS was always very stand up if something did go wrong.

  11. Kristopher says:

    Never use a standard envelope for anything other than paper. The posties put all standard envelopes in the sorter of doom. That thumb drive is now in the guts of one of those machines. Anything … even flat stuff you thought might survive.

    Only paper.

    If it is anything other than folded paper, use a small padded mailer.

  12. Kristopher says:

    Concerning WoW bugs.

    Yea, this is a big patch. It needs to handle a lot of old problems, as well as stuff like flight in Azeroth.

    They are working the bugs out now before Cataclysm goes live.

    There are still a bunch of really big instabilities with both the client and the host mainframe software.

    Would you like me to ship a hard drive with a working WoW client on it?

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Thanks for the offer, but I think we can make it under our own steam. We’re at 70% now, using the netbook as a download mule. We’ll be out of town for a week and a half, and by the time we get back, we should be at 100%.

  13. Leit says:

    They should have been working the bugs out on the PTR. That’s what it’s for. Instead we get shafted by bugs that were reported there months ago and balance issues that they probably won’t fix until three or four patches down the line. Justify all you like, but many of the bugs that went live were known and SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED.

    Not to mention that I’m still bitter about the sheer size of the patch download, and not at all looking forward to the next one that contains the cataclysmic content for the old world. And removing the class quests = massive fail.

    • Kristopher says:


      This is what happens when bean counters make decisions. Having a Christmas game release is more important than cleaning up the bugs.

      The bugs got introduced because the game designers tried to fix a bunch of long standing problems using the Cata release as an excuse to get it done.

      And removing class quests was seriously bad. Important new abilities should be earned, not just forked over because you beat on enough herb and mineral nodes, and killed enough random critters. But again, the bean counters have scads of complaints from study groups consisting of average twits who complain the game is too hard for them.

  14. dave says:

    You’ll probably love the ungodly installation time that comes with a 4.7GB patch as well, I know I did. Make sure you have time set apart for this, don’t sit down with the patch fully completed and expect to just be able to play 🙂 (I think it took mine 2 hours? I forgot, honestly).

  15. Zane says:

    Sorry about your postal mishap. I’m also sorry about your WoW patching pains. Frankly, the patching is what got me to finally give it up. For $14.95/mo. you would think they could afford to send you a disk labeled “client that works as of xx/xx/xxxx” every six months or so.

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