travel update.

Miles logged yesterday: 700.

Miles logged today: 450.

Current location: Swank beachfront vacation house near Charleston, Souf Kakalacky.

We’re down here for the weekend to attend the wedding of two of our friends, and we’re using the opportunity to visit with family and friends in three states.  The Grand Marnier is discharging its transportation device duties without a problem, and the kids are handling it as well as one can hope for, considering their ages.  Tamara is holding down the fort at Castle Frostbite, making sure the doggies are topped off with propellant, and keeping the gravity bill paid so the casa doesn’t float off into space.

More later…


2 thoughts on “travel update.

  1. Casey says:

    You sure picked a perfect weekend for it Marko. Up here in the corner the temps are cool in the 40s, expected to climb up to 70ish. It’s always a bit warmer down on the coast, but it’s about as pretty as you could ask for this weekend.

    Enjoy the weekend, and if you get over to Mt. Pleasant, get the She-Crab soup 🙂


  2. Robert says:

    If you get the opportunity to do any touristy stuff over the weekend, I’d recommend the ferry out to Fort Sumter, where the US Civil War began. It’s a little rock of an island, with the fort taking up most of the land. You can catch ferries from the docks in downtown Charleston or at Patriot’s Point in Mt. Pleasant across the river.

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