travel blog: the beach bum diaries.

It’s 6am, we’re up ahead of the rest of the house to make breakfast, and I finally have a bit of time to sit down and post a travel update.

The wedding was perfect–great weather, and a beach ceremony at sunset. That was on Saturday–yesterday was all about the kids and Halloween. Quinn and Lyra played all day at the beach with their friends, and I had to pry them off the sand with a crowbar. Since our vacation rental is only a block from the beachfront home where our friends got married, there was no driving involved, and the adults got to chill out all day and play with the kids while having cocktails. I got to meet up with my friend Al, who came down from Columbia to see me and meet Robin and the kids. (He also brought me the absolutely cherry M1 Carbine I unwisely traded him seven or eight years ago. It’s a 1943 Quality Hardware receiver with a Rock-Ola barrel. Everything about it looks like the rifle came out of the factory five or six years ago, not sixty-seven.)

The beach house we rented with a few other families has seven bedrooms and ocean view. It also has a wicked fast Internet connection. I set the netbook to download a few things while we were out and about doing other things, and it downloaded the entire World of Warcraft patch–all nearly five gigabytes of it–in roughly an hour. I’ve also taken the opportunity to download the entire library of Steam games I own, the WoW patch for the Mac, and a few more big downloads that would have taken me a few nights on our connection at home. Now the netbook’s hard drive is chock-full of downloaded gigabytes. Murphy’s Law says we’ll either lose or break it on the way home.

Today we’re taking down our tents here at Folly Beach, and pointing the minivan northwest to visit Robin’s parents in North Carolina. After that, we’re visiting friends and checking on our house in Knoxville, and then it’s home from there on Thursday.

More later, time permitting…


4 thoughts on “travel blog: the beach bum diaries.

  1. Mithras61 says:

    I hear USB flash drives are handy little things for short-term backups of important files…

  2. Stingray says:

    If there’s any chance of actually firing up warcrack while you’re there, do so. I thought I had the full nearly-five-gigs too, then when I went to fire it up on patch day, I was greeted with another 800mb download.

    Needless to say, we did not visit Sarth that day.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      No worries. Took the netbook, and let it download every last bit of the updates until I could successfully log on and play. Now all I have to do is to copy the patched client to the other machines when we get home.

  3. ATLien says:

    You should save up and bribe a phone company to run a line to your house. I’m beta-ing Cataclysm right now, and the new textures are great. And although you play Alliance, if you get Cat, i suggest you roll a goblin. They’re hilarious.

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