travel blog: tennessee.

Spent two days with the in-laws in North Carolina. We’re in Knoxville now, where we’re spending the night with friends. Tomorrow, we’re starting the long trek north. I’m not nuts enough to try and do the rest of the trip in one long drive, so we’ll probably stay somewhere in Maryland or Pennsylvania tomorrow night.

The kids are still having a blast. The adults are running on fumes. I’m definitely at the point in the trip where I’m giddy with excitement at the thought of pulling into our own driveway again.

Also: thank Steve for the iPod and iPad. We loaded our iThingies up with kid games and diversions, and that made the long drives down the east coast much easier than anticipated.

Regular programming will resume soon…


8 thoughts on “travel blog: tennessee.

  1. alan says:

    iThingyies are good that way.

  2. Tam says:

    What did I tell you when you left? “The whole point of a vacation is how good it feels when you get home.”

    I am just now thinking “Y’know what’d be awesome? Petting my cat, typing on a big phat Logitech keyboard with a real mouse, and pedaling my bike to Fresh Market for some first cut pastrami and Swiss…” 😉

  3. Linoge says:

    *waves from a few miles away*

    Have fun. Mind the freakish cold weather inbound.

  4. John Murphy says:

    Say hello to West Virginia for me as you drive by! (And if you happen to stop in Morgantown, have some caffeination at the Blue Moose, my old hangout)

  5. Chris C. says:

    Wave to me as you pass through Baltimore!

  6. The Other Jay says:

    What ever you do, don’t make the error of thinking: “Hey, swinging through Hershey, PA and taking the chocolate tour sounds like fun!” with rugrats.

    Did that.

    They nearly tore the car apart from the sugar/caffeine rush.

    I was terrified.

  7. dave says:

    Hello from VA 🙂

  8. Pol Mordreth says:

    If you are armed at all do not stop in MD. one little traffic incident and you will be a felon. Try not to stop at all in MD, and push on thru to PA.


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