liquid scotland, with fd&c yellow #6.

Check out what the Scottish Tartan Museum down in Franklin, NC had in stock:

That, my friends, is Irn-Bru.  And not just plain Irn-Bru, but the Diet version, which is exceedingly hard to come by outside of Scotland.  They had a case of the Diet stuff left, and I bought it to haul back north with us.

Irn-Bru is my favorite soda.  I got hooked on it when I visited Scotland in 1996.  It’s hard to describe the flavor to someone who has never tried it.  It’s not a cola, and it doesn’t taste fruity.  There’s a hint of that Red Bull-esque “liquid gummy bears” flavor, but it’s not nearly as cloying or sweet as Red Bull.  For those of you not local to Franklin, NC, there are a few sellers on who offer both the regular and diet versions, although shipping might cost a bit.

Irn-Bru: two thumbs up from the Munchkin Wrangler Test Kitchen.


13 thoughts on “liquid scotland, with fd&c yellow #6.

  1. Andrew Sarcus says:

    I’m not sure I want to try it, but Amazon has 12 packs for $17.

  2. How was the Scottish Tartan Museum? I’ve been meaning to go if I ever get down that way. The curator posts to the kilt forum I read.

  3. Fodder4Thought says:

    Is this sort of like Moxie? My dad made me try the stuff once, but I was not amused.

  4. BTW is Iron Brew bottled by Foxon Park in Connecticut close enough to the original?

  5. Mike Dodson says:

    Reminds me of creme-soda with a dash of cola and a dash of root beer with a little bit of a bitter (quinine?) aftertaste. Not bad with gin on a hot day, though the non-diet version is a bit “treacly.”

  6. FrankC says:

    As the advert (rightpondian) said “Irn Bru. Made frae girders”.
    Diet Irn Bru is probably made from tinfoil.

  7. MarkHB says:

    You know what’s bloody great in Irn Bru?

    Russian Standard vodka.

    Just sayin’.

    And it’s not actually made from girders. It’s good code drink, mind.

  8. I’ll have to take trip over to Frankin soon to get some of the non-diet Irn Bru. I didn’t know you could get it there. Franklin is just a hop, skip, and jump away.

    I love Irn Bru’s ads.

  9. Casey says:

    I think one of the reasons you can find it at the Tartan Museum, is because they have a truck that goes to all of the Highland Games/Festivals, where you also see the Tartan Museum tent. At least, I always see both at the Games in Upstate SC, and Western NC.

    Great stuff too 🙂


  10. JC says:

    In Houston I’ve found it at the incomparable Phoenicia Market, ‘way the hell out Westheimer near Eldridge. Place stocks over a hundred types of olive oil, for crissakes, innumerable teas, and all kinds of neat ethnic foodstuffs. No peirogis, though. Gotta go to Polonia for those.

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