monday search term safari XCIX.

olympia typewriter key with 4 dots

That’s the Margin Release key.  When you hit your margins, you can press that button and type beyond the hard margin on the current line, thereby letting you squeeze in that extra letter or two.

marten vs dog

Inasmuch as the classification “dog” includes everything from a teacup Yorkie to a 200+ pound mastiff or Great Dane, I need more detail to wager a prediction on your mustelid/canine death match.

fencing in shallow soil

You’ll either need to install a fence that doesn’t require posts, or rent a rock drill.

letters to family hand write or type

I prefer hand-writing, but even a typed letter would be nice to receive in the mail.  Few people send letters these days, so getting one in your mailbox is a rare pleasure.

state of the art laptop in 1998

In 1998, the laptop to have was the then-new Apple Powerbook G3 “Wallstreet”.  I drooled over those for years, and finally snagged a cheap one off eBay in 2003-ish.  They’re still quite useful, albeit a bit on the portly side compared to modern laptops.  Their keyboards are still the best ones ever put on a laptop.

best army folding knife

I’m quite happy with my GAK (German Army Knife), a Victorinox Trekker with olive-green scales and a reversed serration pattern on the blade.  It’s just a pocket knife, though, and probably no better or worse than most other lowest-bidder military issue pocket knives.

wwii german leather stassi jacket

The Stasi was the internal secret police of communist East Germany, which didn’t exist until after WWII.  What you’re looking for is probably the leather coat associated with the Gestapo, the Nazi-era secret police. Contrary to popular belief, however, the Gestapo agents didn’t wear a special identifying piece of clothing, and wore regular civilian suits instead to blend in.  In occupied territories, they wore the gray SS field uniform without rank devices, to avoid being mistaken for partisans.

munchkinwrangler caudill nugent

Short version of the story: The Nuge’s ghostwriter used one of my essays for Ted, White and Blue without permission, my lawyer made grumbly noises, and they paid me and corrected the attribution in the paperback version.

bundeswehr recon dress uniform

There are no special dress uniforms beyond the standard ones for the three services, with one exception*.  All German Army units wear the Kleiner Dienstanzug for a dress uniform.  It’s a gray jacket worn with slate-colored pants and the beret of the wearer’s branch.  There’s no “Recon” branch in the German Army–the two branches that do recon work are the Fernspaeher (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) and the Panzeraufklaerer (Armored Reconnaissance/Scouts).  Both wear the golden yellow piping and collar tabs of the Reconnaissance arm, but the Fernspaeher wear the maroon beret of airborne units, and the Panzeraufklaerer wear the black beret of armored units.

*The exception are the Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troops), who wear a shortened gray dress jacket, mountain boots, and mountain dress cap with Edelweiss.  Their piping and collar tabs are green, the color of the infantry.  They do not wear berets.


Hey, look! At long last, another Monday Search Term Safari. You may all rejoice now.


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  1. Hmmm.

    “Fencing in shallow soil” is, I would think, easier than fencing in mud- footing is better.

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