selbstladekarabiner 455(a).

Meet the new house gun: a U.S.Carbine, Caliber .30, M1.

I bought this one back in 2001-ish, and very unwisely traded it off two years later.  Thankfully, the friend and gentleman who benefited from the trade was not afflicted with the kind of insane guntrade-itis that had afflicted me at the time, and he held on to it until now.  It’s back in the stable now, filling the semi-auto centerfire rifle slot in my golf bag of guns.

It’s a genuine GI model, without re-import marks.  It has a Quality Hardware receiver and Rock-Ola barrel, and was made in 1943.  It’s a terrifically fun shooter, with great iron sights and low recoil, and so quick to point and handle that you wouldn’t give up too much against an AR or AK inside of a hundred yards.  Our property is quite wooded, and the longest shot I can take around here is maybe 125 yards.  At that range, the .30 Carbine is sufficient for anything sneaking around the woods here save black bear.

Now I’m only lacking a good shotgun to have every slot in the aforementioned golf bag of guns filled.  And it just so happens that I came across a nice used Remington Model 11 at the local gunshop.  It was on the wall for less than $200, which is a screaming deal for a semi-auto ‘gauge of that vintage and pedigree, and I quickly put it on layaway for myself as a Christmas present.

Come to think of it, that Model 11 from circa Wold War One will look nice in the rack next to the little War Baby.  Blued steel and wood, and not a MIM or plastic part between them.


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  1. Brandon says:

    That’s a very nice-looking piece you’ve got there. I lurve my M1 Carbines. My CMP acquisition came with some ratty Italian M2 wood, which must be replaced with proper M1 attire post-haste. I’m hoping Santa will be kind.

  2. Larry says:

    The model 11 is a very fine shottie, it should round things out quite nicely.
    Welcome home BTW, hope you had a good trip.

  3. Jay G. says:

    Marko, it’s not nice to make me drool this early in the morning… 🙂

    Very nice (re)acquisition. Baby Vulcan heartily approves.

  4. Tam says:

    At that range, the .30 Carbine is sufficient for anything sneaking around the woods here save black bear.

    While it might do for a smallish bear in a pinch, I’d think twice before using it to piss off a moose.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’d wager a guess that fifteen softpoints from the carbine wouldn’t make a moose want to hang around. Thankfully, the biggest danger from moose around here is the occasional insistence on crossing roads in front of fast-moving automobiles.

      • George Smith says:

        Noisiest animal I ever heard was the moose that would periodically walk through the backyards on the street where my friends lived in Bethlehem, NH. All that cricking and cracking and swishing … sorta like the town moose. But … the ones on the highways and the Interstate? Deadly.

  5. Buffboy says:

    Never understood why the Remington Model 11 costs so much less than the Auto V or the Savage built version. They are the same JMB designed gun except the Browning is made in Belgium, the Remington/Savage in the USA and quality is much the same for all.

    If it’s really “well worn” shoot it the first couple times with one in the chamber and one in the mag. That way if it doubles you only get hit twice and you really don’t want to get hit more than that. It’s an easy fix but it does get your undivided attention. They are NOT renown as soft recoiling shotguns manufactured by anyone and I’ve seen more than one get traded after such an incident.

  6. abnormalist says:

    Mark, I think you just raised a very valid question. What guns should ones golf bag hold?

    I ask because I’ve seen this differ everywhere

    My list
    Air rifle
    Small game/fun rifle
    Semi Auto 22
    Varminet rifle (bolt action, high accuracy, intermediate caliber ie 223, 22-250, 243win, 22swift, maybe 22 magnum)
    Centerfire semi auto(Usually AR or AK depending on your preference, in your case M1 carbine)
    Large game rifle (usually bolt action, 30-06, 308, 300win mag, whatever)
    Possibly throw in a “deer rifle” 30-30, 243, something lesss than the large game rifle, but more than the varmint
    Shotgun of choice

    Followed up by the handgun list
    22 semi auto or revolver plinker
    carry gun(s) (revolver or semi auto in service caliber)
    magnum caliber (357, 41, 44, etc) revolver

    • Marko Kloos says:

      My golf bag slots:

      –Centerfire semi-auto rifle for social/HD work
      –Centerfire bolt-action rifle for long-range/hunting work
      –Rimfire rifle for plinking/small game
      –CCW/home defense handgun
      –Pocket/backup handgun, for when you can’t carry a gun
      –Rimfire handgun for plinking/practice

    • Tam says:

      My list looks like this:

      -Social long gun.
      -Big game long gun.
      -Small game long gun.
      -Social belt handgun.
      -Backup social handgun for pocket or purse.
      -Rimfire trainers for all social guns.

      Any “social” gun should have backups x2 or x3.

      Everything else is just for pleasure.

  7. MaddMedic says:

    My Dad carried one in the Korean “Conflict”.
    He often mentions it these days and says he found it to be a fine weapon, but then everything I have ever seen him shoot, he makes a fine weapon, damn the man can shoot. He says everything he ever hit with it stayed down, did not ask him exactly what that would be.
    He mentions the M1 more so then he used to.

    I would like to find one soon. For him and of course knowing it would someday be mine.

    He is 79 and with a bad heart, but we just spent our 40th deer opener together.

  8. john b says:

    Got Dad a carbine a couple of years back. We haven’t used it much. Dad likes my Ruger 10/22, and I like his Nylon 66. We’re kind of ambivalent about the AR7. If we take out anything bigger than .22lr, something four legged is going down. I wish I could get a head liner rack to carry my Winchester 94.

    Any excuse to walk in the woods with a rifle and a good friend, is a good excuse.

  9. Al T. says:

    MaddMedic, look at the CMP for your carbine.

  10. Steve says:

    Yours is way purtier than mine.

    Have loved M-1 Carbines since I shot my dad’s when I was a kid. He still has it. Paid about $22 delivered via the US Mail back in 1963.

  11. Glamdring says:


    You might want to read the chapter “The Rio Balsas” in Jeff Cooper’s “Another Country” he talks about his model 11 that he took with him on a kayak expedition.

    I would also suggest a box or two of DPX for the 30 carbine

    The 30-30, 7.62×39, & 30 Carbine DPX loads all penetrate about the same in jello. Not sure how they compare when bone or large animal is involved but I suspect the 30 carbine DPX would perform as well as some of the faster expanding 30-30/150 loads.

    Speaking of “club” you should have, I still think you need a Colt D frame snubby to go with your K frames 😀 and if you haven’t yet get a copy of Ed Lovette’s “The Snubby Revolver”

  12. TheSev says:

    Something bugging me about that M1.

    Was the safety installed “lefty”? I don’t see one.

    I’d be interested if that can be done.


    • Marko Kloos says:

      It’s the older crossbar safety. I usually leave it off safe, because it eliminates the chance of mistaking the safety button for the magazine release that’s located right in front of it, or vice versa. Not an issue in calm times, but just another thing to screw up under stress.

      • Montie says:

        That’s one of the things about ex-mil guns. I notice that your carbine has later sights combined with the eary safety, and the WWII non-bayonet lug front band. One never knows what mixture of parts may come out of an arsenal rebuild. What manufacturer originally built yours? (Mine’s an IBM).

        Oh, and Glamdring is right about the DPX. A tad pricey, but good stuff!

  13. Firehand says:

    Love the little buggers; short, light & handy. And can be surprisingly accurate. Just in case you’re not aware of the stuff, the CMP site has some nice articles on accuracy and the carbine and the magazines.

    Stuck a forward mount and a Millett red dot on mine; makes a very nice combination.

  14. Buddy says:

    Is your carbine blued or parkerized?? I bought mine from the CMP 2 years ago, and when I opened the box, I freaked out… it was blued and in gorgeous condition! But I was a little confused… all the M1s were parkerized, NOT blued! It also had some interesting, non-GI, markings on the bottom of the trigger housing. I did some research, and found out that mine was from a batch of carbines given to assorted German police agencys. They took them, cleaned them up, refinished them, and marked them. The CMP was selling them just like any other carbine… a policy that changed when someone realized what they had!

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