aboard the s.s. william golding.

I’ve never understood the appeal of cruises, and this event doesn’t do much to make me want to take one.

Stuck with 4,500 other people on a 1,000-foot ship without power.  No hot food, no air conditioning, no phones.  That’s my idea of a Vacation from Hell right there.


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  1. But they will get their money back … so it is all OK, right?

  2. Gregg says:

    It’s Carnival. The budget basement of cruise lines.

    This is a very uncommon experience, even for Carnival. In fact, I’m pretty sure that more people have horrid experiences at land based resorts than on reputable cruise lines.

    Admittedly, after having worked on cruise ships in my misguided youth, I will not cruise on anything less RCCL.

    Cruises are great for some things and not so great for others. For example, I would love to take a 2 week cruise in the Med. That would allow me to get a high level feel for areas that I would like to return to later. Cruises allow you to go to multiple cities and/or countries without leaving your hotel room.

  3. divemedic says:

    I felt the same way, until I actually went on a cruise with some friends. Going in February (the off season, when things are cheaper), we spent $700 for the 5 day cruise. Where else can you get hotel, meals, and entertainment for two people for 5 days on only $700? Of course there are extra expenses over that, as the $700 doesn’t include gambling, booze, or souvenirs, but even with that, the overall cost of the vacation is still less than $225 a day for two people.

    I have been on 8 cruises now, and the only bad experience we have ever had was the crappy $400 a night Marriott hotel in San Juan where we stayed after the cruise was over.

  4. j t bolt says:

    The thing that would get to me the most would be the “No functioning toilets” part.

  5. I don’t like the idea of being stuck with 4,500 people in a mall for 30 minutes. I can’t imagine being stuck on a boat without power, but I’d wager that number would be reduced by the time the rescue was complete…


  6. George says:

    You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave…

  7. KA9VSZ says:

    “No hot food, no air conditioning, no phones. That’s my idea of”…my at-sea time in the US Navy. Buncha dang sissies…

  8. Justthisguy says:

    The optimum number of people aboard for a cruise is 3. You know, just enough to stand watches. Call the other two guys if you need to shorten sail, or something.

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