take blood pressure meds before reading.

From Connecticut comes the latest news item fit for the “What The Fuck Is Wrong With You” post category:

Habitual drunk driver goes 83 in a 45 zone, hits a 14-year-old boy on a bike, and kills him.

Drunk driver gets sent to prison for ten years, and sues the parents of the dead boy for negligence, claiming that if they hadn’t allowed their kid to ride his bike without a helmet on that street that day, the accident wouldn’t have happened.

Side note: at the time of the accident, the driver had five DUI arrests, and four convictions.  There’s something seriously wrong with a justice system that locks people up for ten years because they owned a plant the government doesn’t like…but some douchenozzle with four DUI convictions on his record can still hold a valid license.


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  1. Außenseiter says:

    …it could be improved.

    Said drunk driver needn’t even go to prison. There’s one guy who hasn’t been charged with a felony over a hit-and-run because the prosecutor felt it’d endanger the guy’s job (wealth managment advisor). It’ll only be a ‘misdemeanor’..


    Though, the transplant surgeon he ran over isn’t dead, only disabled for life..

  2. aczarnowski says:

    I haven’t had time to really think it through, but the if($dui >= $x) { $looseLicense = TRUE; } logic has always struck me as a close cousin to the if($criminal) { $ignoreGunLaws = TRUE; } logic (which I do believe is a correct example of gun laws being dumb).

    Maybe enough DUIers have enough moral compass left to avoid going deeper in the hole, but my gut says it’s a close one…

    • aczarnowski says:

      BTW: Aside from the generalities of correcting society’s left hand bell curve, this guy is clearly a in need of a couple corrective punches to the face.

    • perlhaqr says:

      I suspect if I were to rigorously apply my philosophical principles to this situation, I’d agree with this.

      That said, there’s got to be some ethical manner of discouraging these habitual offenders.

      As an aside query, 4 DUI convictions, license still in hand, no ignition interlock device? I presume this means CT doesn’t require them.

  3. T.Stahl says:

    Drown the guy in booze!

    No, run over his legs, then throw him in a 6′ deep pool of booze.

    If I were caught DUI or ran over a kid in a 20mph zone, I’d be given four weeks to sell my guns – but I could keep my car.

    If I accidentially killed someone by NDing one of my guns, I’d loose my guns – but I could probably keep not only my car but also my driver’s license.

    What kind of logic is that?

  4. Kristopher says:

    That state needs a crime victim protection act.

    States that have them do not allow felons to sue victims because the felon suffered some harm while committing a crime.

  5. jbrock says:

    I’ll save the blood pressure meds for if the douchenozzle wins his suit.

  6. Ruth says:

    I have to admit to mixed feelings on this one.

    The guy drove drunk (repeatedly), killed a kid, therefor he deserves to be in jail along with all else the law can manage to throw at him.

    However, who hasn’t been driving down a road lately and wanted to tell the kids to “get the h*ll out of the road you idiots” as they wander down the center line oblivious to traffic? I have to deal with them on a daily basis and there have been a few times where the teenager in question is really lucky I was paying attention as lighting conditions weren’t stellar and the kid though running across in front of me at the last minute would be funny. I can’t decide if the kids are just that stupid these days, or if their parents aren’t bothering to instill some basic self preservation skills.

  7. Mike Dodson says:

    Each state has their own laws, so following is not universal.
    Premeditated murder (planned, paid for, etc.) carries a life sentence or death penalty.
    Second degree murder, the so-called “crime of passion” carries sentences varying from 20-50 years, dependent on the circumstances.
    Involuntary manslaughter is doing something stupid that results in someone else’s death – 10-20 years (again, circumstances). This could be something impulsive, such as pushing your buddy, who ends up slipping and going through a plate glass window and bleeds out. (Yeah, I know – I haven’t covered voluntary manslaughter, yet.)
    Voluntary manslaughter is doing something very dangerous with so little regard for the safety of others that is could reasonably result in someone’s death, and does. This usually fetches 20-35 years, again, depending on the circumstances.
    Now comes a bunch of jurisdictions with a thing called “intoxication manslaughter” where a drunk/doper runs into someone. If you’re the wrong side of the prosecutor’s blanket, you’re going to jail for the max — 10-15 years. If you’re a retired judge (or an active one) or a doctor or a lawyer or a heavy contributor to your next campaign for governor, etc., then you get probation, community service, and no one opposes your request in the hearing to lift your suspension from your license, and viola, you’re back on the street.

    In my view, intoxication manslaughter is the same as voluntary manslaughter and should fetch a fair amount of slammer time (more than 10 years) and a mandatory, no appeals revocation of your license. Drinking or doping and driving is an activity that is inherently dangerous an can easily lead to the death of some innocent. “But I was too drunk to know I couldn’t drive,” should not even enter into the issue — the chemical sot voluntarily imibes his favorite libation or other poison, and it is this volunteer activity that is the proximal cause for the loss of life of another human being.

    “But, I’ll have to walk to work or use a bicycle to get to work or the grocery store or …” Well, when he does, he should walk/ride facing oncoming traffic so he can jump out of the way when a drunk driver comes along.

    JMO, ICBW.

  8. CGHill says:

    I’ve always preferred the following scale:

    1st DUI – lengthy license suspension, relatively short jail term.

    2nd DUI – your car is crushed.

    3rd DUI – your car is crushed, while you’re seated in it.

  9. Terry Morlan says:

    Why oh why on this man’s earth are the frakkin laws not universal? It boggles the mind in this country no lawyer or judge can come up with standerdized punishments w/o stoopid plea bargaining or what family you belong to or what job you hold down and make a level playing field for everything that is criminal. Why is this so hard? these United States are not divided into their own little countries. Really WTF.

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