evdo in the house.

We have a loaner EVDO USB modem from Verizon.  The mobile hotspot they gave us couldn’t pick up the EVDO 3G network, but the little USB unit with external hi-gain antenna gets one to three bars.  Download speeds are comparable to our current service, latency is in the same ballpark, but connection quality seems to be better.  With our current provider, we get regular lag spike disconnects every 15 minutes…the EVDO connection is stable so far.

I’m currently running a trial at the house, sending Robin’s night elf criss-crossing Northrend over and over again to see if I can get the connection to drop her out of WoW.  If I can stay connected for an hour or two without lag spike disconnects, I’ll call it a qualified success.  Still, the data cap and similar speed aren’t exactly tempting, since the EVDO contract would cost twice as much, and our current provider has no data download limits.


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  1. I wonder what a directional roof antenna would do for you. 🙂

  2. ATH says:

    Is your current provider sufficiently small that you could call the boss man to explain that his service is going down the tubes? May not help but worth the price of a phone call?

  3. og says:

    it bites that there’s somewhere east of the mizzippy that has such damnable difficulty getting decent internet. I don’t exactly live in a thriving metropolis, and I have access to screaming fast intertubes.

  4. Sigivald says:

    I’m not sure there’s anything you CAN do about lag, short of a direct microwave link to something with better backbone access (or paying for your own copper ala a T1 or something – and that’ll make the EVDO look cheap).

    Every link and especially every frame translation (wireless to wired, EVDO to ethernet, etc.) is going to add time.

    (Yet another reason the DSL guys use encapsulation. Sure, IP inside PPP inside Ethernet and/or inside ATM loses you maybe 10-15% to packet overhead, but it means that large sections of the “last mile” chain are only doing wrapping or unwrapping, not trying to unpack and translate the contents into a new set of frames…)

  5. steve says:

    Good luck with the Evdo, there’s a lot of info on antenna hacks and such out there. The first thing I do after a software update is to reset the device to evdo only, 1x just sucks out loud and it will default to that out of convenience in my experience.

    Yes Og, the northern new england is good and well screwed. Verizon didn’t know nothin’ about no dee ess el until after 2000. We were screwed primarily by NYNEX, then Verizon who lagged the rest of the country in network upgrades for years. Verizon sold the whole land based works to Fairpoint who is now bankrupt and has heard of dsl, but has no $$ to expand it.

    We may as well secede and join Canada at this point, at least Bell Can and Rogers can get broadband into the hinterlands.

  6. Nate says:

    Your current one has no bandwidth caps, huh? What is it, exactly?

  7. carbonblack says:

    How is sprint/virgin coverage in your area? virgin has an unlimited data plan for $40 that may work just fine.

  8. dave says:

    No wonder your connection sucks, Lebananon is overseas!

    I am so sorry for making this terrible joke.

  9. LittleRed1 says:

    It probably won’t make you feel any better, but out here on the steppes we have similar problems. Yet another reason I don’t do any on-line gaming. I do get a kick out of asking the kids from AT&T that call about their high speed service, “Well, when will the cable reach us?” Long pause. “What do you mean, Miss Red1?” Evil Grin, “Your tech told me that the closest cable connection is 140 miles away. I can’t consider buying until you can hook my house to your cable.” Defeated groan from the other end.

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