dispatch from the domestic front.

We haven’t had a functioning dryer in the house since before our trip.  The new one was delivered in our absence, but the Sears install monkeys couldn’t hook it up to the gas line, so we had to wait three weeks for someone from Irving to come out and do it.  (There was voodoo involved with converting it from natural gas to propane, so it wasn’t just “attach gas line to back of dryer”, and I let the pros do it rather than risk Ultimate Exploding Death.)  Then our canister vac’s motor died early last week, and I had to take it in to get it fixed.  (Hooray for 3-year extended warranties.)

Now the dryer is operational, and I no longer have to spend part of my Dadcation at the laundromat to dry and fold the weekly laundry for two adults and two kids.  And this morning, I’m driving out to West Leb to pick up our fixed vacuum, at which point our short, localized nightmare will be over. 

I feel like it has taken me this long just to recover from our trip.  Fun as it was to see friends and family again, it wasn’t exactly a relaxing experience.

Tomorrow we’re having friends over for Turkey Day…and on Saturday, I’ll chart a morning Dadcation course that doesn’t go anywhere near the laundromat, WalMart, or the regional Costco knockoff.


12 thoughts on “dispatch from the domestic front.

  1. libertyman says:

    I thought you might need some time to recover — hope all is well. And Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Tam says:

    I prescribe a basket of fried aquatic invertebrate goodness at the little local joint.

  3. It’s usually just “disassemble the regulator, and flip one part”, but to DIY probably would void the warranty. I’d have done what you did.

    Is propane really cheaper than electric for drying clothes or are you trying to be able to run the thing off a generator? (All electric would be tough on a small generator). I prefer electric because I can filter and then vent the hot humid air into the house in the winter.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Propane dryers cost about half as much per load as electric ones. Also, electric ones require a 240-volt hookup, which we don’t have. The propane dryer runs off a regular 110-volt outlet.

      • No 240? Your drop sounds really old.

        I had a roommate from hell once that “upgraded” all the two prong outlets with three prong ones, except he “forgot” to actually, you know, connect the ground wire.

        I’ve had one if these in my kit ever since then.

        • (Actually, he deliberately wired the ground to the neutral, if I recall correctly)

          Even my (otherwise good) home inspector didn’t use one, which I consider an oversite on his part,

        • Douglas2 says:

          Ah, but the tester you describe would not detect the sin that you describe.
          If you want a more legit way of “upgrading” ungrounded two-prong outlets, it is actually allowable by the (NEC) code to install three-prong GFCI outlets in their place — as long as they are marked as having “No Equipment Ground”
          Also note that it was standard practice long ago to use metallic conduit to a metal outlet box, and rely up on this for safety ground, via the outlet mounting screws. This practice is “grandfathered”. So if your outlet tester shows a good ground when used with a , it is not awful to bung-in a standard three-prong-outlet, leaving the green-screw empty.

        • Marko Kloos says:

          Of course, Im also a lazy bastard, and tend to use the existing infrastructure whenever I can. I don’t care if it runs on liquefied kittens, as long as I don’t have to haul three baskets of clothes to the laundromat on Saturdays ever again.

        • Tam says:

          I read half of the Mirrorshades anthology in that laundromat; the chairs are not the most comfortable.

          I thought about running across the street to the little superette, but it was raining puppies and kittens.

  4. John Murphy says:

    Yeah, we also had the Irving folks out recently — to disconnect rather than connect. They charged us a ton for very little work.

  5. Außenseiter says:

    Umm.. there’s the clothes rack…

    The only downside to it is, that it can’t dry more than one load per day with it.

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