turkey day recap.

We had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving dinner with friends.  Like 81.7% of Americans, we had a turkey with approximately three dozen side dishes, and like 53% of Americans, we had leftover sides and turkey for dinner tonight.

(Like 43.9% of all statistics, these were totally made up on the spot, by the way.)

Hard to believe that 2010 is just about to draw to a close.  Where has the entire year gone, I ask you?  It feels like I got about zip-all accomplished this year.  I’m still putting the finishing touches on the novel I’ve been writing since before January, so this one is going to take a year and a half from start to finish when all is said and done.  On the plus side, I wrote a bunch of decent short stories this year, got some encouraging critiques and rejections, and had a ton of great ideas for subsequent novels.  From a technical standpoint, I’ve improved my writing a great deal this past year, so there’s that at least.

Next up: December, being the last month of the year and all that.  Maybe I’ll even get this 500-page turkey finished by December 31st, at which point I will throw my pen into Mascoma Lake, eat a whole box of Twinkies, and wash the spongy, delicious yellow bastards down with a fifth of Maker’s Mark.


6 thoughts on “turkey day recap.

  1. Tam says:

    Y’know that shot story you had me read?

    I don’t even like stories about ********** or **********, and I wouldn’t at all feel ripped off if it showed up in the middle of a short story collection for which I’d paid cash money.

    I’m just sayin’…

    Happy Gratitude-To-The-Random-Quantum-Forces-Of-The-Universe Day to you, too, bro… 😉

  2. Al Terego says:

    The short story is a niche you do well…as often showcased in first-person non-fiction right here; I can imagine that your genre fic in short form is sparkling as well. And the essays…isn’t that where your writing has gained its greatest notoriety so far?

    The old saw about life being what happens while you’re making other plans? Well, this old web log – your Captain’s Log really – is a collection of and portal to your actual work that you produce while you pursue your real work.

    But it’s two and a half years since your last (posted) essay, and the blog is often pointedly neglected as somehow lacking in that certain special organic quality and a hindrance to serious output. And maybe it is; that big book won’t write itself, and I for one believe it will come. But the short form is art too – especially in your hands – is what I’m saying.

    As for the epic…young man, you are living it. Don’t forget to pause and drink it in, and to record it in the vignettes and punctuate it with the insights that you do so well.


  3. MarkHB says:

    Mmm. 2010, in the can. It’s been a rough one – I had a lot of shit I needed to deal with. Broke down more than once – end of 09 really did knock me for six.

    But you know what? I look at this, and I think “fuck, yeah Mark. You did OK”.


    Because sometimes, it comes down to what you do – not who you are.

  4. James L McManus says:

    Makers Mark will get the taste of 2010 out your mouf jus’ fine.

  5. Justthisguy says:

    Dang, Sir! I wish I could give you my dear dead Mom’s turkey hash recipe for leftover turkey. Sadly, she did not confide it to me and took it with her to her grave. It was right yummy.

  6. Windy Wilson says:

    My mom did the same thing with her Oyster stuffing recipe. I had to look up one on the internet, and it’s close, but then, I don’t put raw oysters into the dressing and sweat out whether they get hot enough to be cooked once the white meat is overcooked.

    “(Like 43.9% of all statistics, these were totally made up on the spot, by the way.)”
    Awwww, you got the Brady Campaign memo!

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