digital maintenance.

Our Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack upgrade arrived, so I’m updating all three Windows boxes in Castle Frostbite today.  They were all still running XP, and the security issues and such were getting legion, so it was time to update to something newer and, let’s be honest, shinier.

The final straw was the keylogger Robin’s PC caught a few days ago, which enabled someone to hack her World of Warcraft account.  The little turd took all her characters to the cleaners–stole all their money (and we’re talking a lot of in-game gold here), sharded all her purples (something that will have no meaning to you if you’re not a WoW player), and cleaned out the guild bank for good measure as well.  So now we have World of Warcraft authenticators, new operating systems, and all-new security and anti-virus software with all the latest definitions.

I’ll be down in the digital basement if you need me, moving bits and bytes around.


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  1. perlhaqr says:

    Can’t that sort of thing be traced? I mean, what good does it do to sell off all of her stuff if the “money” from that sale ends up in her bank account? And if the assclown gave the gold away afterwards, well, presumably it got given to someone in game. As far as I’m aware the stuff isn’t worth anything outside of the game. (But I don’t play, so I could be completely wrong about that.)

  2. ZerCool says:

    Perl – do a quick google for “buy WoW gold” or similar. People pay big (real) money for game-cash.

    Marko – I’d be royally pissed. Hopefully Blizzard can restore most of it.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      They already did, thankfully. Still–an hour of work, talking to Blizzard tech support on the phone, and reclaiming all the gear from the mailbox. Pain in the ass.

  3. Overload in CO says:

    If you don’t mind, what protection programs were you running on the XP machine?

  4. David says:

    “sharded all her purples”

    I have no idea what that means, but it seems like WoW speak for “harshed her mellow”.

    • Robert says:

      “Purples” are high-end gear, called “purples” because the text for them is purple. It denotes an “epic” item, and they generally aren’t easy to get.

      “Sharding” means disenchanting it, turning it into enchanting materials. Basically scrapping it.

      To put it into firearm speak, it would be like melting down a legally owned, NFA registered Browning M2 machine gun and turning it into razor blades.

      “Kick in the nuts” is another good way to describe it.

  5. I highly recommend F-Secure ( I’m not an internet security guru, so I don’t have a great way to judge the efficacy of its AV, but I’ve MMOed for >8 years at this point and I have never had an account hacked, even when several guildies had their accounts hacked on the same day in Aion. So either I look at better quality pron than my friends or FSecure kept me out of trouble on whatever Aion website they picked their keyloggers up from.

    Anyway, it sucks that she had her account compromised – glad to hear that you got it back, but I imagine that it still feels like being mugged.

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  7. Kristopher says:

    Check her account for new DK characters and first levels on high population realms.

    One of the things gold farmers do with a hacked account is make 50 or so starting characters to spam their websites in chat.

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