good guys 3:0 bad guys.

“If you carry a gun for self-defense, the bad guy is just going to take it away from you and use it against you.”

Uh huh.  Unless, of course, you see your loved ones threatened by three low-life thugs robbing your family business, whereupon you manage to draw your gun and ventilate all three of them even though they have the drop on you.

Small, family-owned independent businesses are the worst kinds of places for criminals to pick for a robbery.  This is due to several reasons:

  • They’re more invested in their merchandise, and less likely to give it up without a fight.  The cashier at the Stop-N-Rob chain store has no money of his own in the till or on the shelves.
  • Family-owned small shops are usually staffed by family members and/or close friends—people who care much more about each others’ well-being, and who will have more of an impulse to vehemently defend an attacked co-worker.
  • Small, independent family stores don’t have onerous corporate policies against carrying firearms, or rules that require the employees to “give the robber what he wants.”

Whenever you hear about a robbery where the robber drew a brisket full of lead instead of a handful of twenties out of the register, odds are ten to one it’s a mom-‘n-pop store, not a regional or national chain franchise. 

I know there are some of my friends and acquaintances who favor the “just give them what they want/no property is worth a life” approach.  Well, what if they tie you up and take you to the back room?  They may have gotten ready to leave, or they may have intended to take out the witnesses to what was already a 10-year prison term felony.  Pardon me if I don’t want to bet my life on the good judgment and empathy of someone who makes a living sticking guns in people’s faces.


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  2. PhillipC says:

    I’ve found that I’m mentally unable to not fight back when confronted with a person wishing to do violence. Maybe I was just raised wrong, but I think the moment someone raises a hand against me, they’ve tossed their dice and don’t have any reason to complain if I do everything I can to make them point their toes to the ceiling.

    • aczarnowski says:

      Yep. I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the idea that somebody trying to dominate you deserves your stuff (body, life, etc.).

      Don’t you ever stand for that sort of thing. Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill ’em right back! You got the right same as anyone to live and try to kill people.
      – Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity

      • Silverevilchao says:

        Aha, it’s “Captain Malcolm Reynolds”, Firefly. Specifically, the episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds”.

  3. Hardened criminals know full well that dead people make poor witnesses.

  4. Jay G. says:

    I know there are some of my friends and acquaintances who favor the “just give them what they want” approach.

    As much as it may surprise you, I happen to subscribe to this theory.

    Then again, I also subscribe to the school of thought that says someone threatening me with bodily harm wants a chest full of 230 grain hollowpoints…

  5. Phil says:

    It’s also worth noting that the three owners of new toe tags were illegal aliens from Honduras. Houston is a sanctuary city so I guess the local press has been told not to include that in the story.

  6. Tennessee Budd says:

    Three words: Paul Dennis Reid. Three letters: HCP.

  7. STW says:

    Whether or not the merchandise is worth a life isn’t a decision that is made by the victim in these situations. It is made by the crooks who threaten bodily harm to take what they want. Obviously, to them, it is worth the victim’s life. They, and others, fail to see that the cost is the same no matter who pays. The crooks don’t plan to be the one paying. Sometimes, as in this instance, they are wrong.

    • DJMoore says:

      That’s something I’ve been saying for a long time. The bad guy sets the rule: He who brings the most violence gets what he wants. And they set the stakes: a human life.

      But as you say, they just don’t expect to be on the losing end of the game.

    • Al Terego says:

      As one who has owned and operated jewelry, coin, and gun stores for more than thirty years, let me just say that is one perceptive, accurate, and articulate comment there, STW.

      I’ll also take this opportunity to thank God that I never had to draw and was never drawn upon, though my hand was around my gun many, many times.

      I’m sure this innocent businessman would not – and I would not – choose to kill three “people” in the course of trying to provide for himself and his family, but *when forced* he did what he had to do and the outcome was the best one left on the table by the dead guys.

      Still, I would not want to be him right now.

      Now my 27 years son has his own custom and estate jewelry shop and has become an extremely proficient goldsmith, bench jeweler, and pistol shot. *If forced*, he is prepared to put that last skill to deadly use.

      But I very much prefer and fervently pray that three decades from now he can make the same statement that I did in my second paragraph here.


  8. MarkHB says:

    Thank you for this, Marko. I have the Warm Fuzzies right down to the tips of my toes. I *LOVE* happy endings in stories ’round Christmas!

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  10. MPH says:

    I once downloaded a file called “Amazing Beliefs”, although I don’t recall where I got it from. Here’s a couple of relevant quotes:

    That the more helpless you are, the safer you are from criminals.

    That a criminal will take a gun away from you and use it against you, so conversely, the best thing to do when threatened is to take the criminal’s gun away from him and use it against him.

    • Will says:

      Actually, taking the criminal’s gun and using it happens a lot more than the reverse. Just read through the self-defense collections on the web, such as the NRA’s. (Lost my list of sites when my computer died, or I would post them. Must remember to do backups!!!…)

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