Two items this morning:

First, we have the obligatory post-Christmas “unwrapping carnage” picture every parent is legally required to inflict on the rest of the world.

Santa stopped by, ate all the expensive imported gingerbread cookies, drank the spiked egg nog, and left a bunch of loot.  The big hit this year were the bed tents for the kids.

Next item: the view from our kitchen window as of ten minutes ago.

Mind you, that’s after the plow guy came through at 2am and cleaned our driveway.  The wind is blowing at 30mph out there, and the snow is sort of blowing horizontally.  Now I get to fire up Mr. Snowblower and put the auger to Gaia, so Robin can make the ill-advised trek into work against my explicit advice.  (And believe me, I was explicit.)

On the bright side, we still have power and Internets, and the kids have a lot of snow to play in this afternoon.  I’m thinking we’ll make a life-sized Snow Cthulhu, towering over nearby Enfield proper.


11 thoughts on “snowpocalypse!

  1. Carteach says:

    Okay, there’s snow deep enough to hide a walrus…. but it still seems a darn good life.

  2. Tam says:

    I’ll be thinking of you when we get our predicted four-day thaw.

    Wednesday through Saturday are predicted to actually stagger above freezing here for the first time in almost a month, possibly reaching a balmy 49 or 50 on Saturday, before returning to our regularly scheduled program.

  3. Al T. says:

    We have some of that white “global warming” here as well. Atlanta had it’s first white Xmas since 1882.


  4. Al Terego says:

    “bed tents for the kids”, huh?

    After a look outside that window, I think Mama Bear and Papa Bear could make good use of one of those tent dens, where you could be a lot more um, “explicit”…


  5. Wow, you’re within artillery range of my mom!

  6. David says:

    We certainly have enough snow up this way for a Great Old One lawn sculpture.

  7. That same storm was off for us, on again, off, on with 6″ predicted, on but slightly delayed with 8″ predicted, and then passed us by, only dropping about an inch total yesterday.

    The eastern shore of the Chesapeake, New York, and points North got clobbered though.

  8. NYEMT says:

    That’s a funny coinkydink – the spiked eggnog, that is. Santa had a cold beer and a plate of brownies at our house. The poor guy must stagger home to Mrs. Claus in some pitiful condition if that pattern is repeated all over the word. No wonder he can only pull it off once a year. 🙂

  9. abnormalist says:

    My daughter emailed Mrs Claus this year to make sure Santa wasnt allergic to anything in chocolate chip cookies and beer. Also to confirm the reindeer still liked carrots.

    BTW Santa loves a nice hoppy IPA (New Holland Mad Hatter this year)

  10. Will says:

    If you can see the floor past the wrappings, they must be neater than most kids!

  11. ditto says:

    Didn’t you used to live in Tennessee where it hardly ever snows?

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