zombie medicine.

Check out what Kel-Tec cooked up for the inevitable zombie apocalypse:


That’s the new Kel-Tec KSG.  It’s a bullpup pump-action shotgun with dual magazine tubes.  With both tubes loaded, this puppy holds fourteen rounds of 2 3/4” 12-gauge ammunition.  There’s a selector switch that lets you pick which tube to feed from, or to cut off the feed to eject the shell in the chamber.

You could load one tube with slugs, the other with buckshot, and merrily switch between them as needed.  Or fill both tubes with buck, and go to town.  (Little bit of trivia: if you load it up with double-ought buck, you’d be able to put 126 eight-millimeter projectiles on target before having to reload.)

They haven’t announced shipping date or price yet.  Rumor has it MSRP will be around $800, which should translate into a `$650-ish street price.

I want one.  I’ll call it The Beast, and have the receiver engraved thusly. 

(Friend Oleg has some more and better pictures of this thing.)


16 thoughts on “zombie medicine.

  1. LC Scotty says:

    Ohhh look-Ruger made a shotgun!!

  2. perlhaqr says:

    Yeah, I saw Oleg’s pics and my thought process was roughly thus:



  3. Mike Dodson says:

    It looks as tough it has a recoil cylinder built into the butt-stock, but even if that Bitch kicks like a bitch, I still gotta have one. Out here in West Texas we’d fill one side with #9 snake shot.

  4. It really needs something to keep your fingers from slipping forward into the fire zone, since it’s a bullpup. Maybe a forward grip.

    There’s been no mention of having to shuck the pump forward to cycle nor of the ability to feed every other shot from the opposite tube, so I wonder if that made it from the prototype (Can’t remember the name of the prototype, but it was well over a decade ago in some gun rag)

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  6. I think I was thinking about the Neostead shotgun. The feed tubes on that one are above the barrel.

  7. Gerry N. says:

    Wiberow Nannies somewhere are wetting their wittle kid panties ’cause it’s bwack and awfuw, awfuw scawy wooking, and it makes awfuw nassy, nassy woud noises.

    Which makes me wan…..need one all the more.

    Gerry N.

    • abnormalist says:

      Ok, seriously, this “Wiberow Nanny” nearly wet his “wittle kid panties” ’cause he FRICKIN WANTS ONE

      Actually, on that note, please, sign me up for two.

  8. JB Miller says:

    Everyone is talking about this bad boy this week. It is on my want list!

    I hope it doesn’t take too long to see them in my local shops.

  9. James says:

    So they made the Neostead look less retarded by moving the tubes down and added one round to the capacity… maybe now someone will start using it. Not holding my breath. I would want one.

  10. 2yellowdogs says:

    You have to hand it to Kel Tec. They’re mighty innovative and manage to keep the selling price down to very reasonable levels. I have a P3AT and a Sub 2000 (Glock-flavored). They work and I can afford them.

    This baby is pretty darned cool. I’m putting the over/under for its first appearance in a feature film at 6.5 months.

  11. og says:

    I wonder if it is controlled feed. I’d be curious to see if it would feed the little aguila shorties.

  12. Gudis says:

    Standard Mischief: The pump goes back-then-forward like a traditional pump (unlike the Neostead’s ass backwards pump), and you have to manually switch the feed tube.
    Marko: If this is anything like Keltec’s other releases (the RFB especially) you can just put 50 cents a day into a jar and by the time you can actually find one for sale you’ll have saved enough to cover the MSRP and some extra ammo.

  13. Amy says:

    My boyfriend was practically drooling when he saw this on a forum this week. I couldn’t tear him away from the computer – he kept scrolling over the photos and tipping his head this way and that. I can only imagine what he was thinking!

  14. john b says:

    beyond tacky……

    Me firing that puppy and singing Everlasting Love.

  15. MPH says:

    Nope, what you really want is this: http://www.defensereview.com/auto-assault-12-shotgunfrag-12-high-explosive-round-comboweapon-system/

    Fully automatic 12 gauge shotgun with a 20 round drum magazine (and supposedly a 40 round in the works) with exploding ammunition.

    As for Kel-Tec, they seem to make good stuff (I know someone who owns one of their pistols), but I’ve been waiting 10 months for my Sub-2000, and I live in the same county that the Kel-Tec factory is located, and am unable to find out why my order is taking so long.

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