sullying the internet airwaves.

Did you just find yourself wondering what the hell you’re going to do to fill in that gaping void in your schedule between 8 and 9pm EST tonight?  Well, you’re in luck. 

Listen in to Breda’s Intertubes radio show thingie tonight at 8pm EST.  I’ll be chatting with Breda and Jay G. for an hour about, uh, stuff.  You can even call in and ask questions.  But don’t try and pull the old “What’s your SSN and debit card number?” trick.  I fell for that prank when I was on Cam Edwards’ radio show, and I still don’t know what to do with those ten thousand rounds of 5mm Flobert.

Tune in and have a drink, because I certainly will be having one.  The call-in number is (347) 215-8643.


5 thoughts on “sullying the internet airwaves.

  1. Fred2 says:

    “and I still don’t know what to do with those ten thousand rounds of 5mm Flobert”

    I recommned a project to build a gatling gun inthat calibre. Rimmed rounds are perfect. and the calibre isn’t so far off .22 that the existing plans won’t work, given minor dimensional tweeks.

    Besides, you know you want a lathe and milling machine …

  2. scotaku says:

    I’m listening… but what to drink?

  3. […] the opportunity to listen to Breda’s B&B Guns episode on Blog Talk Radio. Breda, JayG and Marko all were on and it was an interestng hour. IN the past I have either been teaching or have just […]

  4. breda says:

    You were great! Thanks for hanging out with us.

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