your saturday cocktail recipe.

Ian Fleming’s James Bond is quite the booze connoisseur in the novels.  Fleming had Bond invent a cocktail called the Vesper, after the character of Vesper Lynd.  It’s a mix of gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet, which is a slightly bitter French liqueur that hasn’t been in production since the 1980s.  (They make a Lillet Blanc now, but that one lacks the quinine of the original Kina Lillet and the characteristic bitterness.)

There’s a variant of the Vesper that makes use of currently available ingredients.  I tried one recently, and it immediately rocketed to the top of my “Favorite Cocktails” list.  It’s called a Green Vesper, and is prepared as follows:

  • Three measures gin (preferably 90-proof)
  • One measure vodka (also 90-proof)
  • Half a measure absinthe or Pernod (whichever you can get locally–the flavor and color will be the same.)

Stir with ice in cocktail shaker, strain into cocktail glass, garnish with a strip of lime peel.

Fair warning: if you hate the flavor of gin, licorice, or both, you’ll hate the Green Vesper, because it tastes a lot like washing down a piece of licorice with a swig of gin martini.  I love the flavor combination, and that concoction is my current favorite cocktail, narrowly beating out the martini.


11 thoughts on “your saturday cocktail recipe.

  1. caillean says:

    If you haven’t seen this already, it might be right up your alley. It’s a blog that tries out all sorts of historic cocktails.

  2. mikeb302000 says:

    Great post. You forgot to mention that if you have guns and kids at home you should probably have three or four of those bad boys.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Oh, I did have three or four of those bad boys. Then I took the kids outside and tried to shoot apples off their heads. With my shotgun.

      Don’t worry, though. The doctor says they’ll be able to save one of Quinn’s eyes, and Lyra was just a spare anyway. That’s why we irresponsible redneck gun nuts have multiples, don’t you know…so we have redundancy when we blow our children away by accident.

  3. Tam says:

    I’ll blame the new blog layout on the booze, then?

    Will it be back to normal when the hangover’s over? 😉

  4. MaddMedic says:

    I have thus in my liquor supply…
    1. Scotch…mmmmmmmm..mixed only with ice!! Except when I plan in having a “few” then a splash of water to avoid dehydrating…
    2. Brandy…..medicinal purposes mostly…Brandy, honey and lemon 3:2:1, warm, works for nasty colds and sore throats!!
    3. Wine…errr drank that need more!!! Red,not to damn dry!!!
    4. err.. thats it!!
    5. Might be some beer in the fridge….summer use mostly…

    Thats about all I need…occasionally a little Jack Daniels may be found also..

  5. Eric says:

    Single malt (Laphroaig) and Kentucky Bourbon (Maker’s Mark) are all I have and need. No ice or water in mine, thank you.

  6. George says:

    Fleming reportedly got the Kina Lillet wrong. (he also did with many firearms details) As Bond said in the last line of Casino Royale, “The bitch is dead, now.”

  7. Bob says:

    John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee (better than Fleming, IMO) also had his own cocktail, a variation of a Martini:

    To make this McGee Drink fill an old fashioned glass to the two-thirds line with cracked ice. Slosh dry sherry into glass. Swiftly, with strainer across top of glass, dump the sherry. Fill to the ice level with Plymouth Gin (imported). Rub lemon peel around inside of rim, pinch some floating beads of citrus oil on the surface of the drink. Throw away the peel.

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