monday search term safari C.

Yes, friends and neighbors–we finally have enough new search terms in the blog stats to resume the Search Term Safaris on a semi-regular basis!  I know, I know…you are just overcome with joy.

sig p232

That’s the top search term that leads people to this blog, and it has been #1 for years, month after month.

The SIG P232 is a small-ish semi-automatic pistol in 9mm Kurz (.380ACP).  It looks like a bit of a dinosaur these days, with much smaller and lighter guns available in the same caliber, but I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the P232.  It’s one of the most elegant handgun designs ever made, it’s very flat and easy to carry inside the waistband, and it’s much more comfortable to shoot than the little pocket .380s.  It also has better sights, and every P232 I’ve ever owned has been 100% reliable.  In fact, I think I just talked myself into getting another one of those.

olympia sm9

The SM9 is a typewriter made by the German company Olympia.  It’s a basket-shift machine with a sheet metal cover that lifts up like the hood of a car.  It’s not an elegant machine like a Remington No.5, for example, but it’s a rock-solid, dependable typing machine.  I have two of them–both were made in the 1960s, and both still work fine even after over 40 years of use.  Many professional writers favored the SM9 for its qualities.  Harlan Ellison still uses one, as does Paul Auster.

pelikan 205 demonstrator scratched

Clear “demonstrator” pens will get scuffs and scratches with use.  It’s pretty much unavoidable, unless you leave the pen in the box and never take it out.  It doesn’t hurt the pen’s function, so just use it the way it’s meant to be used, and don’t sweat it. Tools get marks.

parker 51 ink sacs

The Parker “51” comes in two versions.  The earlier Vacumatic models have a diaphragm in the back of the barrel, not an ink sac.  The later Aerometric models have what they called a “Pli-Glass” sac, which is PVC.  The Vacs can be fitted with a new disphragm, but that takes a special tool and is best done by an expert.  The Aeros don’t usually need sac replacement as the Pli-Glass sacs in those are extremely durable, and most of them still work well even after forty years of use.  They’re easier to re-sac than Vacs, too.

was twilight the movie a commercial or critical success?

Commercial? God, yes.  Critical? Not so much. (The same can be said for the novels that were the source material.)

can alphasmart neo be used as dedicated keyboard for computer

Yes. Hook it up to your PC or Mac with the included standard USB cable, and it acts like any other USB keyboard.

униформа Бундесвера 1960 годов

My mad Cyrilic skillz read that as “uniforma bundeswehra 1960 godov”, which I read to mean “uniforms of the Bundeswehr of the year 1960.” Back in 1960, the Bundeswehr issued olive green wool BDUs that were not the most comfortable.  (The troops gave them the nickname “Kraetzchen”, which means “Scratchies”.)

german berets

The German army issues berets as universal garrison headgear.  The color of the beret shows the wearer’s branch of service.  Infantry units have green berets.  Tankers have black ones, support units coral red, airborne and army aviation units burgundy red, medial corps blue, and Franco-German/German-Dutch brigades dark blue.  There’s a badge on the beret that further delineates the wearer’s specific branch, i.e. Fallschirmjaeger, signal corps, mechanized infantry, etc.

lever action gun fighting

The lever-action rifle, a.k.a. the Redneck Assault Rifle, wouldn’t be my very first choice for a social long gun, but it’s much better for that purpose than most people think.  One particular advantage is the ability to top off the gun during run & gun scenarios…”shoot one, load one”.  Your magazine tube only holds 6-10 rounds, but with some skill and frequent topping off, you always have a fully loaded gun.

dog tussled with raccoon-should i be treated with rabies shot?

That depends.  Your dog will definitely need a rabies booster. Did you get nipped, or get raccoon spit on your hands, and do you have nicks or wounds?  Did the raccoon wander off, or do you have the body for the Fish & Wildlife folks in your state to test it for rabies?  Rabies shots for people are no fun, but dying of a rabies infection is even less fun.

is a fishercat dangerous to toddlers?

I wouldn’t want to toss one into a playpen with a toddler, that’s for sure.  It’s a twenty-pound weasel with sharp teeth and claws.  However, the fisher cat’s natural habitat is the Great Outdoors, where you shouldn’t let your toddler roam without supervision.

dark tower david is my weapon

When writing action scenes, writers always have to choose between what makes sense, and what would be totally bad-ass.  When Stephen King has Roland choose his hawk as a weapon for the graduation fight with his instructor, King went for “totally bad-ass”.

legal blade length new hampshire

New Hampshire has no restrictions on knife carry.  There is no limit on blade length or operating mechanism.  You can carry folders, fixed blades, balisongs, automatic knives, gravity knives, or whatever else you want, and it doesn’t matter how long the blade is.

fountain pen stands

There are nice hand-made ones out there, but if you’re on a budget, you can use a $6 toothbrush stand from the WalMarts.

berretta slide trick in lethal weapon

They cheated in the movie…shocker, I know.  In the infamous “pull the slide off the Beretta” scene, Mel Gibson’s Beretta 92F already had the takedown lever rotated into the downward position.  Jet Li only had to grab the barrel and slide assembly and yank it off the gun.  In real life, that trick doesn’t work, unless the operator of the Beretta has the reflexes of a slug on Thorazine.

contents of a teacher’s pockets

With the teachers I know, it’s probably something along these lines: iPod, hip flask, loaded .38 snubbie, valium, Pepto-Bismol, Taser gun, and veterinary-strength tranquilizer darts.


That’s it for today. Do your duty and feed me some wacky search terms, so I can resume the MSTS as a regular feature, hmm-kay?



15 thoughts on “monday search term safari C.

  1. The 232 is a nice gun. Possible turn offs are slide bite, the heel mag release, and no external slide release. And expense of course.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      You know, I don’t mind the heel mag catch. It’s a little slower than the other kind, but I’ve never inadvertently dropped a mag from a gun (or unseated it partially) with a heel mag release.

    • Tam says:

      I’d go past “nice gun” and call it “the Cadillac of .380s”…

  2. The other thing is that I believe that you also have to drop the magazine in order to yank the slide from a Beretta.

    But I could be wrong….

  3. The teacher’s pockets answer is slightly misleading: anyone rifling their math teacher’s pockets to score some “Pep-Biz” would not find a separate bottle, but need to look in the flask, where they would fix it mixed 50:50 with peppermint schnapps and gin.

  4. mcdonatl says:

    Toothbrush stands. Walmarts, Kmarts, they all have them. Do you have Meijer stores in your area? Yeah, they even have them at Meijers.

  5. Ancient Woodsman says:

    My oldest sister used to teach English – and two good friends, one of whom taught French and the other Math – all retired from that high school on the hill down from where you live. From their stories I’d believe that list, minus the Taser…unless for self-application in the teacher’s lounge.

  6. Gerry N. says:

    When I was in Boat Building School at Edison Tech. in Seattle in about 1964/65 the instructor packed a Colt .45 Auto he’d liberated during his service in the US Army during WWII and Korea.

    He also had a fifth of some kind of hooch in his lower desk drawer for softening the taste of the road tar he referred to as “coffee”. Calmest man I’ve ever met.

  7. My blue Pelikan 205 demonstrator is my daily user.

    Another alternative for pen stands is to look for old pipe racks (as in for pipe smokers) on eBay. You can get some nice wooden ones for not much money. Some even have drawers you can use for storing ink bottles.

    As for wacky search terms, I suggest Duofold. You’ll either get long underwear or a damn nice fountain pen.

  8. Ian Argent says:

    They recently did the 92S slide trick on NCIS; and I will have to say they did make it look like the “victim” had the reflexes of a slug on thorazine; possibly due to being up for pretty much 48 hrs or more straight and living on adrenaline and coffee the whole time. I still thought it was stupid.

  9. weambulance says:

    I prefer the feel of a worn-in M205 anyway. A brand new pen is pretty slick to hold, the demonstrators especially so in my experience.

  10. What’s in the teacher’s ipod and hip flask, though?

  11. Don Gwinn says:

    Teachers’ pockets usually hold much more boring stuff: several pieces of candy that were supposed to be used as mini-rewards but are now too old and nasty to give anyone, at least two different pads of sticky notes, a couple of dry-erase markers (used to be sticks of chalk) some paperwork folded in 8ths that was supposed to be turned in two days ago, various pens (if you need a pencil) or several pencils and stubs (if you need a pen.)

  12. Don Gwinn says:

    On a Wing, the IPOD went through the washing machine days ago. The teacher is not really sure why it keeps getting transferred from pocket to pocket; probably something to do with getting dressed in the dark.

  13. Ancient Woodsman says:

    Try “bringing sexy back to camel fighting”, which was the MSN link to this article:

    Caught my eye, anyway.

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