birthday boy, episode six.

Compare and contrast:

Six years ago



Six years…don’t they go by in a blink?

I could say the usual stuff about how tough being a parent can be at times, but that it’s all worth it in the end, but it has been said so often that it becomes sort of a Hallmark platitude.  In reality, there’s really no advice or third-party wisdom that can prepare you for having kids.  But when they put that wrapped little bundle in your hands for the first time at the hospital, you’ll know that something profound has just happened–that you’ve just transitioned from the two of us to family, and that your own well-being and happiness will never be your first priority again.  This is not because you’re now obliged to take charge of this new life and make it your most important job (although you are), but because you’ll find that your child’s well-being and happiness is a necessary precondition for your own.

Happy birthday, Quinn.


7 thoughts on “birthday boy, episode six.

  1. That Tennessee orange will make it easier to find him in the snow drifts of Upper Cryogenica!

  2. BobG says:

    Best wishes to the birthday boy!

  3. Tam says:

    Happy B-day to Quinn!

    (If you keep feeding them, they get bigger like that.)

  4. Jay G. says:

    My oldest just turned 10, Marko. Ten. Double digits. I’m gonna blink again and he’s going to be wrecking my car, I just know it…

    Happy Birthday Quinn!

  5. Al Terego says:

    “…your child’s well-being and happiness is a necessary precondition for your own.”

    If you’re a father, and a real man, no truer words could be written. Would that that truth could be universal.

    Happy birthday to your young man.


  6. Happy Birthday to Quinn!

  7. Gerry N. says:

    I remember when my boy was six. Would that I could have him back. Cherish every moment you’re allowed with him, life can hit you with some nasty bean balls now and then.

    There are never too many hugs and kisses, kids thrive on ’em.

    Happy Birthday, Quinn.

    Gerry N.

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