old man’s war, the movie.

John Scalzi, who instructionated me greatastically at Viable Paradise XII, just sold the movie rights to his “Old Man’s War” military SF series of novels to Paramount Pictures.  Wolfgang Petersen, of “Das Boot” fame, will direct the first movie.

Good for him!  I hope he remembers his former students when he builds that solid gold mansion in Ohio with all the millions from the 10% of gross receipts his wife undoubtedly negotiated for him.


7 thoughts on “old man’s war, the movie.

  1. Dwight Weaver says:

    I read the 1st book & thought it was good. It should make a great movie.

  2. Dan says:


  3. Carl H says:

    Looking forward to it. And congrats to Scalzi, who seems like a good guy.

  4. woo-HOO! Now let’s hope it doesn’t get butchered and we can all be happy!

  5. Außenseiter says:

    Huh.. good news. 😀
    Could make a decent sf..

    I just hope they’ll dispense with the green skin.
    Energy contribution of photosynthesizing skin towards total energy requirements wouldn’t get over or maybe even into single percents. (efficiency of photosynthesis is 3-5%… so with ~1400W/m2 and ~1×1 m of skin.. even two square meters of skin would give at max 70 watts…. which would cover maybe half of base energy need at best. For someone standing, it’d be much less…

  6. wolfwalker says:

    Hollywood make a good movie from an sf novel?

    Never happened.

    Never will.

  7. Will says:

    The fact that the movie people feel they have to “interpret” a book to make a movie is the major problem with Hollywood. That flat doesn’t work with SF, at all. Mostly, all they need to figure out is how to make it fit on the screen, SF or other. Anything more is just ego. Which is how a lot of human endeavors fail, IMO.

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