some minor ipad pimpage.

Apple came out with the iPad 2 today, and to completely suck the oxygen from the room for all other tablet PC competitors, they’re blowing out the old iPad models with hefty discounts.

How hefty?  A hundred bucks off on the base 16GB WiFi iPad (now $399 on Apple’s Clearance page.)  If you want to go even cheaper, they also sell refurbished models of the same specification for $349.  The refurbs come with new outer shells and batteries, so they’re just as good as new models.

If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on one of them iPad thingies, but you didn’t want to drop half a grand on one, now might be a good time to get one.  Here at Castle Frostbite, we’ve all been enjoying the 32GB WiFi iPad we bought last year–it really is a terrific little device, tons of fun and surprisingly useful.  (I’ve even written a few novel chapters and short story bits on it.)


14 thoughts on “some minor ipad pimpage.

  1. alan says:

    And there will be a lot of used ones on the market soon too.

  2. Jay G. says:

    I hate you Marko. You make me spend money…

  3. Michael G. says:

    I love my tablet PC to death, and I really wish it would be as thin and as light as an iPad.
    However, even though there is a SketchPad Pro app for the iPad that looks really good (I have it on the TPC and love it), I’m still a bit skeptical about the touchscreen when compared to the TPC’s Wacom digitizer.
    I like to do really precise, smooth ink strokes with pressure sensitivity.
    In fact I’m thinking about going back to “tethered” and buying a Wacom Cintiq 12″ instead, for even more precision and less lag (I can hook it up to my monster desktop PC).
    Of course loosing the mobile web browsing, note taking and sketching ability will suck balls.
    I’m still hoping for a device that’s both portable as an iPad, but also powerful and precise enough for “serious” graphics work.

    • LittleRed1 says:

      Agreed! If I could take notes on an iPad, I would snap one up in a heartbeat. It would be the perfect archive work tool, much better than a laptop or being restricted to paper and ye olde fashioned No. 2 pencil (“no, you may not use your own pencil with the padded grip even if you have arthritis. Our policy clearly states . . .”)

  4. MarkHB says:

    I had a go on an Asus Eee Slate P121 today. I’ll be buying one as soon as I get paid. It’s a tablet for Boys Like Me. Lighter than the iPad 1.0, 12 inches, widescreen, quad-core CPU, 64Gb SSD, 4Gb RAM, Wacom Digitiser. It’s 1100 bux.

    My toys are more expensive, but I tell you solemnly, this slate is a fucking *freight train*, and for a 3D Boi like wot I am, it’s the bees knees, the wasp’s nipples, the erogenous zones of every flying insect in the western world.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      The only less-than-stellar spec I can see: battery life “up to three hours”. Other than that, it looks pretty spiffy.

      • Michael G. says:

        Yeah, that sucks, but even if it had no battery at all, I’d still take it (my ancient TPC’s battery is now completely dead). I just want to be able to use it anywhere in the house, having it plugged in is not a problem. The Cintiq would be much worse, since I couldn’t use it away from my desk at all. And let’s be realistic, I’d like to really work on this thing; brightness cranked, full CPU power, wifi on and all. I won’t be using this for social networking and email. So in my case even 3h is a pipe dream. I expect 1.5h when the battery is brand new.
        By the way, thanks MarkHB for the tip. I was already eyeing used Motions on eBay (again) and Cintiqs, but now I’ve decided to buy the Asus when it hits the shelves here. My boss (iPad 1 owner) is considering switching too.

        • MarkHB says:

          There are four of these beasts in my local Fry’s. I will have one before the week is out. I’ll post a review here soon.

          Marko, the thing is the Eee Slate is an Engine of Creation for a boy like me. I would far rather have 3 hours of Doing Shit in Zbrush and Modo than 20 hours of browsing YouTube vids and watching movies. That 1100 is for the 64Gb SSD versh – there’s a 999 versh at 32Gb – both include the Bluetooth keyboard. It kicks the shit out of a Cintiq because it’s not just a monitor, it’s a quad-core Windows box in a half-inch form factor. It’s a lot lighter and un-handful than it looks from the images.

          I’ll post a video once I’m in posession. I’m sure it will have it’s flaws, but it’s the first tablet for the serious digital imagery creator – fingerpainting ain’t art. 😉

  5. Michael G. says:

    Damn MarkHB, why do you have to pull money out of my pocket? Win7, quad-core, multi-touch AND a Wacom pen, and all in a small form factor, for around one large new? I think I just made a little water in my pantaloons.

  6. Edward Short says:

    I know it’s not on too many people’s radar, but I’m holding out for the HP TouchPad. It runs Palm’s webOS, which is one of the most intuitive UIs I’ve ever used. I’ve had a Palm Pre since launch and would only trade it in on the Pre3 (whenever it comes out)! I think HP may be a little late to the game with this one, but they’re going to get my money!

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