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Yesterday, I went down into Boston to meet up with local friends SCI-FI and Mrs. SCI-FI, and longtime reader and commenter Christina.  We had a two-hour lunch at Carrabba’s in Peabody, much fun was had, and I got to sign my first autograph.  (Christina had me sign her copy of Concealed Carry magazine, the one with me on the cover.  I told her to hang on to it, because it may be worth tens of dollars some day.)

I also got to visit with Tom Furrier at Cambridge Typewriter again.  I brought him my Royal Quiet Deluxe, and he installed a new platen on the spot in just ten minutes.  It’s in perfect shape, not a bit of rust or wear marks, and a fantastic little typer. I’ve heard people in the typosphere sing the praises of the Royal QDL, and if this model is a representative sample, the praise is well deserved.  (Typecast from the QDL forthcoming.)

This Quiet Deluxe was on of four machines I got at a garage sale last year for the princely sum of $30.  The other ones were an Olympia SM9 identical to the one I already have (just with Elite instead of Pica type), a Royal Custom III, and a Smith-Corona Sterling.  The QDL’s platen was shot–it wouldn’t even pull in a piece of paper.  For some reason, I thought the Sterling was in bad shape and broken, but it was just really filthy, and merely needed to have the space bar popped back onto the metal transfer bar underneath.  This morning, I sat down with some Clorox wipes and a wet dish rag, and it turned out there was actually a pretty nice Sterling underneath all the grime:

This one is from the very late 1950s or early 1960s, the very last Smith-Coronas with the “Super-5” body style. I oiled her a bit, popped in a new ribbon, and she’s running just fine.  No idea why I thought this thing was in bad shape.  At first, I thought I had bought one plastic 1970s typer, one duplicate of something I already owned, and two paperweights, but now they’re all in working condition.  Just the QDL alone would have been worth the $30.  The Sterling and SM9 are a bonus. I’m not so hot on all the plastic on the Royal Custom III, but it was a package deal.

Last night after I got back from MA, I put the kids to bed, and we had some of Robin’s stellar chicken bouillabaisse.  There may have been some Warcrafting and drinking going on as well.  Laundry lists of high-dollar sports cars in case of lottery win aside, my pleasures run on the simple side these days.


14 thoughts on “interblogs friends, typewriters, and moscow-on-the-charles.

  1. Samuel Weaver says:

    You have motivated me to begin to look around for a serviceable manual typewriter. I used to love to type on one.

    On another note, don’t you find it awful to have to go unarmed into Massachusetts?

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Yes, I do. Chafes my ass every time.

      Where do you live? If you’re close to Boston, check out Tom Furrier’s shop. He has a ton of serviced typewriters for sale.

      • yankeefried says:

        Next time give Jay or I some notice and maybe one of us can meet you in NH and escort you. 🙂

      • Samuel Weaver says:

        I live in West Tennessee near a small town called Ripley. I understand that you are a former resident of the state. As you probably know, gun laws here are very, very good. Recently new legislation was enacted that now allows permit-holders to go into establishments where alcohol is served (as long as no alcohol is consumed) and to carry a loaded rifle or shotgun openly in a vehicle (as long as the chamber is empty).

        I carry pretty much everywhere and would hate to think of having to give that up.

        I found your blog through getoffthex and enjoy reading it. Thanks.

  2. Antibubba says:

    Where does one even BUY new typewriter ribbon?

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Staples carries generic ribbon that fits most typewriters (or can be used to re-spool onto the old spools.) You can also buy it online.

  3. I have a Royal Quiet DeLuxe that I bought at a yard sale for $5. +1 on the ribbon from Stables.

    I also have a Remington Rand Model 1 that tends to double-space on some characters. Maybe I should make the schlep to Cambridge Typewriters.

  4. Oh, by the way, you have two “http”s in the link to Cambridge typewriter…

  5. Jeff says:

    A Royal QDL in working condition is a little gem. I keep one downstairs to use while I’m waiting for something on the stove or in the oven since I can’t hear the timer in my office.

    Marko, if you don’t mind, would you post Robin’s chcken boullebaise recipe. My wife is terribly allergic to any seafood but would enjoy the non-fish parts of the stew and the chicken would make it possible. Thanks.

  6. It really was a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Marko!

  7. MarkHB says:

    Lookin’ good, old stick.

  8. SCI-FI says:

    The lunch was great, the company was even better. I need to pass a Rosetta Stone German course before we do that again…

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