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Latest in the series of “Let Me Help You Spend Your Money On Trinkets” posts comes a pointer to my favorite online pen dealer, JetPens.  They now have the Pilot 78G in stock, which is the best low-cost fountain pen I know.  It’s made in Japan, and has a very fine yet very smooth nib.  The 78G comes with a built-in converter that lets you fill it from a bottle, but it also takes Pilot-type ink cartridges. 

If you’ve been looking for something nicer than a $1.50 ballpoint from Staples, here’s a really good pen that writes great and won’t break the bank at $12 and change.  I’ve ordered from JetPens many times, and they’ve always had my stuff in my mailbox two days later, even though they’re a.) on the other coast, and b.) shipping their stuff First Class.  It’s magic, or something.  (I don’t get a cut or any freebies for mentioning them—I’m merely a happy customer.)


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  1. charles says:

    You just got me to start shopping for fountain pens for the first time in two and a half years. My wallet thinks you are a bad influence, but I really like the Lamy pens they have at that site.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Lamys are great. My favorite pen and main workhorse is a Lamy 2000, which they don’t carry at JetPens, but all the other Lamys are nice as well.

  2. Mer says:

    Me too. I love 78Gs. The mediums and fines and extra fines are smooth and wonderful, and the Broads and BBs are delightfully stubby italic-type pens that still maintain a wonderful flow. Which means if you find normal broad pens kind of globby and inelegant, try a broad 78G, which will bring depth and character to your writing without just being really big and juicy.

    And then if you still don’t like it, send it to me!

  3. Mike says:

    Don’t listen to Marko! I repeat DO NOT listen to Marko!! The Pilot 78 G is the gateway drug of fountain pens. Soon you will be perusing sites like, ebay for auctions, and learn all about noodler’s ink! It is a slippery slope….

  4. Ed Skinner says:

    I too am a big fan of JetPens and have completed several purchases. I’m 100% satisfied.
    Interestingly, I went to their street address in San Jose only to discover it’s basically a “package and ship” storefront with mailboxes to rent. The “suites” in their address are apparently the mailbox numbers.
    But let me repeat, I have no problem with JetPens, have ordered from them several times, am 100% satisfied, and will be placing more orders.
    It’s just weird.

  5. Ed Skinner says:

    Addendum to previous comment: Sadly, it appears they (JetPens) no longer carry Noodler’s Ink products. [But I did just order a Pilot 78 G. Thanks for the tip!]

  6. Jerry says:

    Thanks, I’ve been looking for a good fountain pen to replace one that never really preformed well.

    Just wanted a good, inexpensive model in a specific color. You hit at just the right time.

  7. weambulance says:

    Ah, weak sauce. I just put in a $200 order with jetpens two weeks ago, mostly drafting pencil stuff, but I got a Pilot Prera F and a bunch of Preppies for handouts as well. I would have stuck a 78G on there without hesitation; I’ve been waiting for one of my usual shops to stock them for a while now.

  8. Marko got me into the fountain pen equivalent of shooting heroin into my eyes by showing me the Pilot Retractable FOuntain Pen. It’s my favorite and is fucking amazing. If you bring a pistol to Readercon no doubt I will own three a month later. So don’t. Unless you want to show me a nice beginners model. Shit.

    I’m gonna go buy some pens now.

  9. Leatherwing says:

    Thanks for turning me onto a new place for pens. Just ordered my wife a birthday pen from JetPens.

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  11. Damn you! Might as well put on your purple and pink pimp hat because I just dropped $65 at jetpens.

    1 x Lamy Fountain Pen
    1 x Sailor Ink Bar Disposable Fountain Pen
    1 x Pilot FP-78G Fountain Pen


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