typecast #9.

(From The Last Night of the Earth, by Charles Bukowski.  Typed on an Olympia SM9 from 1964, with–I think– Congress Pica typeface.)


10 thoughts on “typecast #9.

  1. Bukowski was a crazy old bastard. Wrote some grungy good stories, though.
    I like that typeface & the “evenness” of the strikes- I can actually read it.

  2. Al Terego says:

    Well, Chuck didn’t have to contemplate adding “you’re going to create connected”…

    But he did have a point on obsessing with the process as opposed to the act.

    That Lennon quote I referenced about not missing life while planning for it? Applies to creating too.

    Nice typewriter. But the magic’s in the hands of the craftsman, not his tools, no matter how high or low on the tech scale they may be.


  3. You know, Marko, before now I just wrote off your love affair with typewriters under Different Strokes for DIfferent Folks. Today’s Typecast, for reasons I cannot explain, is (visually) absolutely stunning. I can actually hear the typewriter ticking away under finger as I read it.

    I now must have one of these.


  4. Attila says:

    That text is a screaming get-out-of-your-seat to artists everywhere.


  5. breda says:

    Oh, no – Bukowski. Only hipsters read Bukowski.

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