gaia’s dandruff, again. bitch needs some head & shoulders.

You know what Friday is?  That’s right: April 1st.

You know what they predicted for Friday?  That’s right: snow.  Half a foot or more.

Good thing I didn’t put the snowblower away yet.  The way things are going, I may have to buy a second, slightly smaller snowblower, just for the summer.


15 thoughts on “gaia’s dandruff, again. bitch needs some head & shoulders.

  1. Blackwing1 says:

    My 8-horse, 2-stage monster bit the dust after our last dumpster load of FLUFFY! WHITE! DEATH! Either the float sank, or the jet needs cleaning, but it’s just not getting any gas. I don’t feel like tearing it apart, so I’ll just wait until spring hits.

    Which leaves me with my summer snowblower, the little Toro single-state, 2-stroke. And that little bugger is amazingly reliable, and can move up to 8″ without any problem…it just takes a little longer since it clears about half the width of its big brother.

    Nothing wrong with some redundancy in your systems.

  2. Mike Dodson says:

    Aren’t the four seasons in New Hampshire Cold, Colder, Too Damned Cold, and Highway Construction?

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Nope. It’s Indian Summer, Winter, and Mud Season. Some people call the three weeks between Mud Season and Indian Summer “Summer”, but that’s not a universal custom around here.

  3. Samuel Weaver says:

    Good one!

  4. The Rock says:

    Times like this, I don’t mind living in the south…

  5. Are global warming jokes still funny? I’m thinking they would apply here, but I don’t want to revive a meme if it’s outdated already;)

    I swear, the weather there is the polar opposite of the weather here (S TX). We have Pre-Summer, Summer, Super-Summer, Second Summer (trees die, but it’s still hot), and The Cooling.

    Rumor has it that parts of TX see cold. I cannot personally testify to this.


    • Dwight Brown says:

      It is slightly cold in Austin today. Current temperature (as of 3:20 PM local time) is 61 degrees.

      I actually briefly considered putting on a jacket this morning, but decided against it.

  6. Tam says:

    It’s snowing here in Hoosieropolis right now, but it’s not sticking.

  7. Al Terego says:

    Prob’ly won’t see the south side of 80 in central fla again ’til next “winter”…maybe not even then. Hell got nothin’ on us.


  8. Anthony L. says:

    Lucky you. Used to live in Nashua, moved to Brattleboro VT in 2009. They are calling for a foot plus here. So tired of winter…

  9. Marja says:

    Poor Gaia is just trying to remind people who’s the boss. She probably got pissed when she realized that humans had started to think that they are in charge of everything, including climate.

  10. Larry says:

    Annual snowfall is directly tied to the amount of gas in the snowblower tank. Gaia decided tht since there was gas in the tank more snow was needed to help empty the tank.

  11. Jake says:

    It gets cold in Texas. In 2004 over Christmas-New Year Break I was doing a cross country run and hit I-10 in Arizona, intending to follow it for many a mile until Florida.

    East of El Paso by about 80 miles is a Border Patrol checkpoint. Now, mind you, I’d been driving straight since San Francisco and wasn’t planning on stopping til Miami, so it was late at night, cold as hell, and we all were tired. The Border Patrol’s German shepherd was shivering, that’s how cold it was. Probably under 10 degrees.

    “Hello, sir”
    “Where ya coming from?”
    “San Francisco”
    “Where ya headed?”

    *pause* (gosh this guy’s really off his rocker – damn it’s cold)

    “All right, you have a good night!”

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