monday search term safari CI.

munchkin wrangler libertarian fairy tales

The most popular ones at Castle Frostbite are “The Three Little Pigs Learn That If You Own A Rifle, You Can Build Your House Out Of Any Damn Material You Want”, and “Goldilocks Violates Some Property Rights And Is Lucky She Doesn’t Get Shot In The Face”.

why was phrenology accepted by so many people?

People believe in all kinds of silly nonsense if the authority pitching it sounds like they know what they’re talking about. (Back when they came up with phrenology, in the early 19th century, it wasn’t considered a proper science by the academic establishment of the day.) Note that even though nobody consults a phrenologist anymore, people still flock to astrologers and palm readers, even though those have even less grounding in reality than phrenology. At least the phrenologists got a few things right–the brain regions do indeed have specific localized functions, so there are some analogs in modern neuroscience.

why everyone should own a pocket knife

Because you don’t want to open your bag of Rolos with your teeth like some frickin’ animal. A knife is the oldest and one of the most useful tools our species has invented. Why wouldn’t you own something that can be used to open boxes, cut rope, whittle wood, slice an apple, and shank dangerous people or delicious animals?

how to conceal a sword

What’s the matter, Connor Macleod? Is your trench coat at the dry cleaner’s? You could probably carry your katana in a golf bag or something. Or you could stop looking like a moron. Seriously–don’t carry a sword for self-defense. The bad guys will not flee in terror when you pull out your samurai blade, with the blade steel folded a million times in the ancient blade master forges of the Knife Shopping Network. And the people on the jury for your trial will mentally picture you in a straightjacket.

stuff you will see in your bathroom

I don’t know what your bathroom looks like, but ours is where we keep our toothbrushes, beauty products, towels, and shaving paraphernalia. Oh, yeah, and the shitter, of course. It’s like the centerpiece of the room.

is it the ink or the pen when a fountain pen doesn’t write well?

Could be the pen–damaged, misaligned, or just plain crappy nib, manufacturing residue in the feed that needs to be flushed out, or some other issue. Could be the ink, too–is it from, like, 1938? Also, some pens just don’t like certain inks, but will write wonderfully well with others. Come to think of it, it’s no wonder the world switched to ballpoint pens fifty years ago. (Some of us are holdouts because when the right pen and ink come together, the damn things write like nothing else.)

olympia typestyle 69 download

Find it here, courtesy of Richard Polt.

winter’s bone book vs movie

I actually liked the movie better than the book. Part of it is the appeal of Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Ree–she totally owns the role, and it’s a shame she didn’t get the Oscar for her performance. Part of it is the fact that the novel is a bit stilted in places, as if the author consciously put in the sort of lyrical descriptions that might get looked upon with favor by the Pulitzer committee. The movie is more straightforward and unembellished.

far horizon traders satchel review

The one my lovely wife bought me is now over a year old, and it’s just starting to wear in. At the current rate of wear, this thing ought to last me long enough to use as a medication satchel at Aspiration Acres in 2050.

sig sauer p229 9mm made in germany

The P229 isn’t entirely made in Germany. The frames are made in Germany, but the slides are made in the U.S., and the pistol is assembled in SIG’s plant over in Exeter, NH.

the lives of others typewriter kolibri

The typewriter in The Lives of Others is a Groma Kolibri, an East German travel typewriter made for export. The Gromas were well-made machines, and whenever one shows up on eBay, it rarely fetches less than $200. If you ever see one in a pawn shop or at Goodwill, and it doesn’t look like John Goodman used it for a bathroom scale while wearing muddy boots, you should buy it and send it to me. I will pay you twice the purchase price, and memorialize you in song and prose.

four weapons combat master

That’s a silly title some famous gun instructor invented, to bestow on himself and a few of his buddies. It’s nowhere near as impressive as my self-bestowed title of Five Condiment Sandwich Master. Seriously–what does that make the average infantry Marine or DEVGRU operator–Twenty-Nine Weapons Grand High Combat Wizard?


It’s Monday, so go out there and shake the week down for lunch money, friends and neighbors. I’m going to spend the week making shit up and writing it down, as always. Hey–it beats manual labor.



12 thoughts on “monday search term safari CI.

  1. Al Terego says:

    Good ones, sir…especially the libertarian and pocket knife blurbs.

    Missed big on this one though:

    “…is it the ink or the pen when a fountain pen doesn’t write well?”

    That is almost always attributable to operator error; pens don’t write, people do.


    • Marko Kloos says:

      I took it to mean “this pen doesn’t make consistent smooth lines”, not “this pen will only write shitty prose”.

      • Al Terego says:

        I gathered that, Marko…but it struck me differently.

        Kind of like “Don’t know if it’s a bad hammer or defective nails, but this damn house just won’t stay together…”


  2. People still believe in medical hokum. Look up “iridology”…

    • Kristopher says:

      Corrective phrenology works. Using a bat to flatten aggression lumps make even hardened violent felons pliable … until rigor mortis sets in.

  3. Michael G. says:

    A good one, this. I actually burst out laughing at the Connor Macleod bit. 🙂

  4. Twenty-Nine Weapons Grand High Combat Wizard

    That title is LOL-worthy, and many a LOL were sacrificed on its behalf.


  5. perlhaqr says:

    (Some of us are holdouts because when the right pen and ink come together, the damn things write like nothing else.)

    I’m pretty confident that the nicest fountain pen with the best ink in the universe would, in my hands, produce illegible chicken scratch just like any other $0.10 throwaway ballpoint from pakistan. Or one of those little golf pencils.

    • Tam says:


      I know this for a fact, but it makes me a luddite to say it out loud.

      It’s the process that makes it grand! 😉

  6. Overload in CO says:

    I just loaded up a Pilot 78G (thanks for the heads up) with Private Reserve Sherwood Green. So far, a good combination.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I downloaded a number of those fonts.

    It’s going to be fun to send out letters with them.

  8. George says:

    “How to conceal a sword”

    Reminds me of the time a guy with an Ancient Flea Market Special sword did some road raging down here and tried to pull it on his target. Who had a pistol.

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