my latest hare-brained product idea.

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6 thoughts on “my latest hare-brained product idea.

  1. North says:

    I happen to own a checkers board that uses shot glasses.

    Not sure how to post a pic…

    • Tam says:

      Okay, that’s about fricken’ awesome.

    • perlhaqr says:

      When your opponent captures one of your shot glass chess pieces, raise a toast to his victory and drink to your good health.

      They’re running that one backwards. The player who captures the piece should to drink the drink. It’s sort of auto-handicapping. If you play against a much better player, after a few games, their game should be a bit sloppier. 😉

  2. Chrystoph says:

    If you are a fan of “creams”, you might try Rum Chata. I was at a booze tasting recently, and it was the hands down winner.

    The best description of it I heard was, “Liquid Cinnabon.”

  3. Guffaw in AZ says:

    I need new glasses. I thought the flagon on the right said ‘Soylent Beam’ !

    I could play the whole day with Bailey’s. Well, maybe not ALL day.

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