houston, we (almost) have broadband.

It looks like Castle Frostbite is boldly stepping into 1999. On Friday, I came home from my Dadcation to notice a sign on a telephone pole right at the top of our road. “DSL High-Speed Internet Now Available In This Area”, it proclaimed.

I called the local telco to check on the veracity of the claim on the sign, and sure enough, our location is now wired for DSL. It’s just 1.5Mbps down and 768kbps up, but that’s exactly three times faster on both upstream and downstream than our current WISP. Needless to say, we ordered DSL service ASAP, and they’ll be installing their stuff and doing their magic at some point next week.

Huzzah! Finally, Castle Frostbite will be connected to the Great Link at adequate speeds for streaming video and such. Now I’ll be able to use the Interskypes on my difference engine without pop-up reminders that “Your Internet connection appears to be sucking balls! Try to disable your video, audio, and anything beyond text chat!”


11 thoughts on “houston, we (almost) have broadband.

  1. Glamdring says:

    Woohoo! Time to party like it is 1999

    Bet your Night Elf will really kick some dwarven butt now.

  2. Carteach says:

    ‘Bout time.

  3. Carteach says:

    I just had the thought….. does this mean you will get three times as much accomplished? Or…..waste time 3x faster?

    Perhaps it means you will get the time wasting done three times faster, which will allow actual work to be done for two thirds longer.

    In the end, I decided what is most important…. that I get another cup of coffee.

  4. ZerCool says:

    I think Carteach nailed it. You will become three times more effective at wasting time!

    I’m all kinds of jealous. Our place in the boonies is on a state highway, but it’s a no-man’s land between the two cable companies without enough customers for either one to justify stretching new wire – and we’re WAY too far from the switch for DSL.

  5. Tam says:

    Yay! You’ll be all jaded about bandwidth again! 😀

  6. Chris Allen says:

    Congrats I say from my 25/25 FIOS connection. 😀

    “Your Internet connection appears to be sucking balls! Try to disable your video, audio, and anything beyond text chat!” made me LOL.

  7. Kaerius says:

    Congrats on entering the last decade… *sits here at a 100mbps down, 10mbps up line, didn’t want to spring for the 100/100*

  8. Huh. That’s faster than we’re getting right now in the middle of Lebanon.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Really? That’s 1.5 Megabit per second, or 150kB/s. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t get that kind of throughput in the Leb.

      • I forget what it is on paper, but in practice it tops out a fair bit shy of that. Part of that is that we’re in an oversubscribed area on fairly elderly circuitry.

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