monday search term safari CII.

gin licorice hate

If you hate both gin and licorice, there’s really no hope for you as a human being, and you should report to the Soylent Green vats. Gin is liquid Christmas, and licorice is a tasty treat, and that’s the end of that debate.

how does a fisher cat kill its prey

The fisher cat prefers the suppressed FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon. Sometimes, it kills with its sidearm. Some fisher cats have mastered the garrotte, too.

what are jack off booths like?


donald trump is a bad american

Look, I think the Donald is a narcissistic douchebag, but who’s the arbiter of what makes a good or bad American? He’s not advocating the burning of the Constitution, and I bet the guy has paid more taxes in his lifetime than 99% of his fellow citizens.

ww2 german typwriter keyface

Germany typewriters in WWII had the same key layout as the current-day ones, the QWERTZ. it has three keys with umlauts where the QWERTY has the semicolon and apostrophe. Some typewriters were specially made for use by the SS, and they have the double lightning SS rune on one of the number keys. You can still find them on eBay on occasion, if that type of thing yanks your crank.

american warmongers ww-i ww-ii korea vietnam

Ah, yes. The American warmongers were late to the party in WWI, what with not joining the war until 1917, three years after it was kicked off by Serbia and Austria. And they were only two years late for WWII, which was started by Germany. And how dare those imperialist pigs fight the peace-loving North Koreans, who only poured their tank divisions across the border into South Korea in 1950 to see the sights of Seoul and have some ice cream?

drecksack beer

A Drecksack is half beer and half cola. It’s the German version of “cheerleader beer”, a light summer drink that doesn’t hit the noggin too hard.

nvidia ion

The ION chipset mates an Atom netbook CPU with an Nvidia 9400 graphics chip. That, and the ION2 chipset, actually gives the rather anemic Atom systems some credible graphics grunt.

swords never run out of bullets

Yes, but a pistol is easier to carry around, has more reach, and doesn’t require as much training or upper body strength to use effectively. (Before the invention of the handgun, effective self-defense was limited to strong, young men.)

travel typewriter used in lives of others?

The little typewriter in The Lives Of Others is a Groma Kolibri. It’s about the size and flatness of a chunky 1990s laptop. They’re neat machines, made back in East Germany for export to countries with hard currencies.

popular scottish fast food

The Scots like their fast food deep-fried, and they’ll deep-fry anything: fish, haggis, Mars bars, Coca-Cola…

(And no, I’m not kidding, and yes, most of it is actually pretty damn good. Not exactly health food, though.)

is britain a gun free society

No, it isn’t. Britain is positively awash with guns. The main difference between the UK and the US is that over there, almost all the guns are limited to cops and criminals.

how to set fence posts in shallow soil on rock shelf?

With hollow fence posts, you can try drilling small-diameter holes, inserting steel rods, and then slipping the posts on top, so you don’t have to drill three-inch holes into your rock shelf. That’s what we will be trying this spring when we finally put up our chain link fence.


14 thoughts on “monday search term safari CII.

  1. Dwight Weaver says:

    Very interesting.

  2. George says:

    Um, about Trump…the man tried to use eminent domain to sieze a lady’s property so he could build a parking lot. Look up “Vera Coking”.

    I think that pretty fucking well qualifies as “bad American”. Come to think of it, that should qualify for “run out of town on a rail” or “tarred and feathered.

  3. You can also find some guy who has a jackhammer, pulverize a hole in the rock and then set the thing in concrete.

    Dad wanted a split-rail fence. My brother and I had to install it. Due to rocks, both large and small, it took us roughly a single day per post hole. Getting one particular rock out required digging a hole three feet across and about as deep.

    Get a jackhammer.

  4. Kristopher says:

    I suspect those steel rods will bend if someone climbs that fence.

    Just sayin. Do one test pole that way, and see if it is strong enough. May be embarrassing if you tighten the chain link and cause the posts to bend at the ground.

  5. Gnarly Sheen says:

    “The fisher cat prefers the suppressed FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon. Sometimes, it kills with its sidearm. Some fisher cats have mastered the garrotte, too.”

    So it’s a Sam Fisher cat!

  6. Antibubba says:

    I think you’ve confused the fisher cat with the LOL cat.

  7. Help me.

    I’m fine with licorice, but gin turns my stomach. I _want_ to like gin; when I finally get around to mortgaging the house for a double rifle, I’ll be required by law to drink it anyway, so developing a taste early seems like a good idea.

    It’s entirely possible that my distaste for the stuff comes from being furnished bad examples. Can you suggest an affordable, widely available gin that doesn’t taste like death?

  8. Außenseiter says:

    Sam Fisher… Jesus F.Christ.
    I bet that’s the character mall ninjas love to play 😀

  9. Will says:

    Could you punch holes in that rock with shaped charges?

  10. Peter says:

    Elmo: The answer is Bombay. Dry is excellent, Sapphire is Nirvana. Dry is good for anything except martinis, which require Sapphire.

    Boodles is acceptable, in a pinch.

    Some heathen will come along and recommend Tanqueray, which will be your sign to disregard any thing else they might say as completely disreputable.

  11. Dave says:

    Bombay is good, but I think Hendrick’s is even better.

  12. Mike Dodson says:

    Gin + licorice = Ouzo or Sambuca. Not? For a “green” version, perhaps Absinthe will do?

    Re the Donald: His past stance and statements on gun control and his contributions and support of Democrats lead me to believe he may well be running for other reasons than his “conservative” side. He has said that if he fails to get the GOP nomination he will run as an Independent. If he runs at all he will be robbing votes from someone else who might be able to win.

    Scots Cuisine (or, Have You Had Your Grease Job Today?). You forgot bangers in a pool of oil, greast poached eggs (with a little black lace around the edges), and three-day-old mutton.

    Post in rock shelf: Depends on the rock. If you’re talking the type of rock found in most of New Hampshire, you are going to be wearing drill bits out very quickly. If you’fe going to go with the rod in a hole route, you might be better off to buy a star rock chisel and a 12-lb sledge. The bit (chisel) will last longer. And, you’ll grow these marvelous biceps, triceps, pectorals, and deltoids, even if it does take three years to finish your fence.

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