beware the fury of a father.

Good morning, Internets. Gather ’round the flicker of the LCD with the backlight that’s about to fail, and listen to this true story from Germany, my ancestral stomping grounds.

In the early 1980s, a 14-year-old girl from France goes to stay with her stepdad in Germany for the summer. Her parents have gotten a divorce, and her mother’s new squeeze is a German cardiologist.

A short time into her stay, she is found dead in her bedroom. There are injection marks found on her arm. The stepdad says that he gave her an iron preparation “to help her with her tan”, and that she most likely had a bad reaction to it. The case is written off as a tragic accident.

A few years later, the German doctor is arrested…for assault and rape. He has raped a patient, a young teenage girl, after injecting her with sedatives. He is found guilty and receives two years in jail.

Based on this new evidence, France (the dead girl’s home country) charges the doctor in absentia with homicide in the 1990s, convicts him, and sentences him to 15 years in prison. Germany refuses to extradite, citing lack of evidence.

The father of the dead girl fights for the shifty doctor’s extradition for two decades without success. Finally–with both men now in their seventies–he decides that he has had enough of the legal wrangling. He hires a few hard-boiled Russian Mafia goons, and has them abduct the shifty rapist-doctor from his home in Germany. The Mafia guys seize him, beat the snot out of him, stuff him into the trunk of a car, and drive him across the border to the French city of Mulhouse, 200 miles away, where they unceremoniously deposit the hog-tied and bruised doctor on the steps of a French courthouse.

After almost thirty years, justice is finally served.

Now, as a supporter of due process and equality before the law, I can’t advocate that sort of vigilante justice. As a father, however, I have to say that if some creep did the same thing to my daughter, with similarly compelling evidence that the accused committed the deed…

Four words: Chechens with pipe cutters.


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  1. TJIC says:

    > Chechens with pipe cutters.

    I believe the traditional delivery is “I’m gonna call up a couple a hard, pipe-cuttin’ Chechens and go to work on the holmes here”

  2. Yeah, I’m kind of with you on that one. Were anyone to mess with my daughter: woe unto them. Chechens with pipe cutters, indeed.

  3. Ali says:

    Things like that make my skin crawl. What a despicable human being. I’m pretty sure most dads would feel the way that you feel.

  4. TBG says:

    One of the first things I tell any young man man seeking to date my daughter…
    “I have a shotgun, a shovel and a big backyard…and it’s doubtful that anyone will miss you.”
    What has been fortunate for all of her suitors so far is that they have all understood the difference between a threat and a promise.

    As for dealing with a random perv that might have the bad sense to even cast a side-long glance at my daughter-
    Well, I have to say that I’m blessed with friends that if I call at 2:30 am and ask that they meet me in a dark parking lot in a remote area of town with a tarp, a chainsaw, and a couple bags of Quicklime, the only question I’d get is “How big a tarp do you need?”


  5. Gerry N. says:

    My dad told me a story that supposedly happened in rural So. Dak, in the mid thirties. At harvest time on the great American Prairie, crews of combiners from Texas and Oklahoma used to migrate North harvesting wheat and oats. A couple of young men from one of the crews got drunk one Friday night, raped a young Sioux girl and killed her. Her male relatives, dad, brothers, uncles, and other men of her community caught those young men, took them into the badlands, where they removed the skin from the soles of their feet and cut off their “Manly Appendages” leaving the family jewels. They then told the young men to go back home otherwise something really unpleasant might happen to them. According to my dad, the combiners complained to the local gendarmerie who informed them that due to lack of creditable witnesses they could do nothing so going back home was probably a real good idea. I asked my dad why the Indians removed what they did, and left what they did. He said one of his old Indian friends told him that those two young men would probably live a long time and whenever they saw, or thought about a woman, they would remember what they’d done and be sorry about it, and maybe become good men again, killing them would teach them nothing.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      You rape and kill a kid, you’re a little past being able to learn how to play well with others.

      You rape and kill my kid, the only teaching I’d do would involve anatomy and pipe cutters as they relate to blood pressure, consciousness, and pain endurance.

  6. abnormalist says:,451469304

    I have two lovely little girls2 and 6, and my wife has told me people at the store get really uncomfortable when I look at them “like that”.

    My reply was “then they REALLY shouldn’t be standing between me and my girls”

    • farmist says:

      @abnormalist – We bought a similar shirt for our neighbor who has 2 gorgeous blonde teenage daughters. Also, one that says ” I have 20 acres and a backhoe – any questions?

  7. Ian Argent says:

    Hog-tied on the steps of a court is allowing justice to act. I suspect he would have gotten a smaller bill from his contractors if they had been allowed to tip and run rather than depositing for proper disposal. IIRC, american courts have no issues trying someone who appears unexpectedly on their steps.

  8. Fred2 says:

    Have a moment’s pity for the Mafia goons.

    Hokay lemme get this straight: You, the old guy, who-is-not-hitherto-a-criminal want us to capture another old guy, NOT kill him, and drop him on the steps of a courthouse?

    Hokay, then, that’ll be extra.

  9. So there was this cop in the Midwest. He was a sergeant or lieutenant of detectives. A HK rep was doing a demo of MP-5s. The cop got to shoot one. The department photographer took a color shot of him shooting the MP-5 on full-auto, with brass arcing out of the injection port and glinting in the sun.

    The cop had a 16″x20″ enlargement made, framed it, and hung it in the front hall of his home. Where his daughter’s boyfriend were sure to see it.

  10. Marja says:

    There are points for and against harsh justice and tough sentences. One definitely in favor of keeping the official, legal approach as tough is that if people feel their sense of justice is getting violated sooner or later you will start getting vigilantes, and general opinions will become favorable towards them. And vigilantism is not good. You don’t want a society which operates more by mafia rules than by laws.

    But even so, while I don’t have children of my own, if any father I know wanted to do something like that there is a good chance I’d even help him.

  11. Mike Dodson says:

    My grand dad told me how they used to deal with child molesters and rapists in Northern Alabama — they stumped ’em. He explained that they would pour kerosene or gasoline all over a tree stump, nail the guy to he stump by his offending members, light the stump on fire and pitch him a dull knife. Sounds good to me.

  12. Mark Alger says:

    @Mike Dodson…

    …a dull rusty knife, if memory serves. And it isn’t exclusive to the South, either.


  13. Greg Levy says:

    100% agree….life in prison for dispensing some ‘street justice’ might not be much of a life, but if something happened to my wife/kids, I’m not sure life would be much worth living any other way.

  14. Ritchie says:

    Most properly, committees of vigilance arise spontaneously when duly constituted authority are not available or are unwilling to act. Modern media has taken to using the term “vigilante justice” as a perjorative, suggesting that the State knows best and should be deferred to at all times.

  15. ajdshootist says:

    My late father used to have me sitting in the Kitchen cleaning a couple of guns whenever my sister brought a new boyfriend home to meet her family,she never did work that one out!

  16. DaddyBear says:

    And now we know why Uncle DaddyBear stays friends with a couple of pig farmers.

  17. Lizzybeth says:

    The only unfortunate thing is that it took a couple of decades for partial “justice” to be served – that was more time on earth than the scum allowed the young girls to live, let alone enjoy life. It would be a toss-up between the “stumping” and using the scumbag as live gator bait in the swamps. Disembowling seems more satisfying…

  18. George says:

    ” partial “justice””

    15 years in prison and a beatdown? That ain’t justice. Slitting his throat, yeah, that would be a bit closer.

  19. It is not my responsibility to punish anyone, but to protect others, if I can.

    If my loved ones are hurt, there is no way to undo that wrong. I can never exact that specific amount of retribution, if such a thing ever existed. There is no universal justice. But since the universe keeps turning, I must believe things balance out. Wrongs must be righted the best we can.

    Taking a life should be the most payment we demand of any criminal. Torturing them also tortures us.

  20. john b says:

    Doesn’t even need to be said.
    But, Marko, If you ever find yourself in that situation.
    or similar!
    I have several pipe cutters, though I may have to ad-lib a Chechen Dialect!

    @J. R. Shirley You’re right, but if I ever find a scum that bad, I will go Paul Kersey/Charles Bronson all over his ass.

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