the intertubes, now faster and in widescreen!

Newegg rocks. The new LCD got here in a day, and that was with standard UPS three-day shipping. Ordered Sunday night, got the confirmation email on Monday, and had the truck coming up the driveway this morning at 10am. Capitalism rocks.

The new 22″ is functionally identical to the one Robin bought herself a month or two ago, but it has built-in speakers, which hers didn’t have. My audio requirements (window-rattling gunshots in Call of Duty, playing music while I’m folding laundry in the next room) are too high for those little built-in speakers, but Robin likes them better because they save desk space. So I did the Right Thing(tm), gave her the brand new one, and took hers instead. So this is what my desk looks like right now:

Did I get out the second video adapter dongle for the Mac mini and run two 22″ displays in dual display mode for a little while? Yes, I did.

Having DSL again makes all the difference in the world as far as feeling connected goes. I talked to my brother in Germany on Skype for an hour and a half without the slightest glitch. When we were finished, it dawned on me that we hadn’t had a face-to-face conversation in over five years. I know this Skype stuff is old hat to you folks on laser-beam cable or whatever it is you wired folks are using these days, but I haven’t been able to Skype worth a shit on the WISP or the satellite ISP. Video chatting beats calling on the phone by a mile, and it’s cheaper to boot. DSL is the shiznit, as the kids say these days. Our World of Warcraft connection is perfect, we never get kicked out anymore, and now we can actually run dungeons again. (I haven’t been doing those because I didn’t want to burden a group with random lag spike disconnects in the middle of the run, especially since I usually play a healer or tank.)

Anyway, all’s well at Castle Frostbite now, technologically speaking. I’ll just try to forget that the installer told Robin that the telco has fiber-optic cable strung all the way to the intersection with our road, two miles away, and that only the last stretch is copper cable. And there’s nothing to the rumor that I’ve already called them and offered to pay for the last two miles of FiOS line out of pocket…


6 thoughts on “the intertubes, now faster and in widescreen!

  1. Anthony L. says:

    Fast service rocks. I was an early adopter of DSL way back when in Nashua when it cost serious $$$.

    Skype is great too. Speaking of brothers, I re-connected with mine after 30 years, via facebook, and we now regularly talk using video chat on skype.

  2. Außenseiter says:

    Now in thirty years.. DSL will be even better.

    You’ll be able pull out that USB cable, stick it into the connectors in the upper part of your spine, and do some technological telepathy with your brother..

  3. Außenseiter says:

    @Anthony L.

    I know this hard but fragile MIT graduate in Nashua who is a gun virgin, but is not averse to idea of target shooting.

    At some point in the future. months, years, she might enjoy trying out some shooting with say .22LR rifles. She will be able to pay ammo and range fees with ease. Would you be willing to teach her the basics, or show her what’s it about?

  4. libertyman says:

    Außenseiter, I am in the Nashua area and have my NRA teaching credentials, and would be happy to introduce anyone to the shooting sports. Marko knows me and has my email, or we can communicate somehow.

  5. Außenseiter says:

    Ok. I’ll let my friend know. Right now she’s not in the area, but will be back in a month or so.

    My email is yann /separated by a dot from/ smith*

    Send me your email or other contact info, I’ll check stuff about you on the net (no offense intended.. just paranoia & caution 101, as she’s a good friend of mine..)

    *put here the german equivalent for smith.. easy to find ;-),…. the shortest one

  6. libertyman says:

    Herr Außenseiter, okay, will send an email.

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