stupid spinal column.

Yesterday, your dumbass correspondent bent over at the waist to pick up something on the bedroom floor, and promptly zapped his lower back again. Instead of going out for his Dadcation in the afternoon, he had to make an emergency appointment with the doctor for some Prednisone and pain meds.

This morning, things were sore, but relatively pain-free. I don’t know if that’s because of the early dose of anti-inflammatory drugs, or because I tried to stay on my feet instead of lying down when the back pain started, but I’m not walking with a crutch and howling like a timber wolf like I did on Day Two of the last sciatica episode. That one took me out of commission for the better part of the month, and it was a truly miserable time.

Back pain sucks, friends and neighbors. I advise you to have nothing to do with it whatsoever if you can help it at all.

Now we’re off to see some friends for steaks and drinks, which on the whole is a much better way to spend an afternoon than lying on one’s side while being doped up on Dilaudid…


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  1. Don Johnson says:

    I dunno; had dilaudid after a thorachotomy and
    can almost see why someone could become
    a junkie. Wunnerful stuff, when needed.
    Anon, Don

  2. Jeff The Bear says:

    You have my sympathy and, I’m sorry to say, my empathy. Hope you get over it quickly. The last time it took me 3 damn months. Yuuch!

  3. Carteach says:

    Been there, done that… for years. I no longer suffer from such pain.

  4. I’m tellin’ ya, chiro is the way to go.

  5. Dick Pilz says:

    Hey, guy,

    You need to start making a habit of taking a knee to pick up stuff.

    I had an L3/L4 microdiscectomy 5.5 years ago because of a herniated disc that was destroying my sciatic nerve. Parts of my leg are forever numb now.

    I get down on both knees to deal with my front loading washer. I sit on a stool to reach objects in lower cabinets

    Bend your legs more. Get a grabbing tool like the Sammons Preston Rolyan Reacher. It has saved me hours of inadvertent pain.

  6. Heath J says:

    Have you ever tried a chiropractor?

    My industry involves lifting heavy things over and over, and my chiropractor is the only thing thing between me and constant back pain.

  7. Atom Smasher says:

    I’ve got upper back/neck issues rather than lower back. So I have a small smidgen of understanding.

    i.e. the last time I wrenched my neck/back, I was on the bathroom floor sobbing, and forcing myself to do simple multiplication tables out loud to know I hadn’t blown a brain vessel.

    Heal with speed, sir.


  8. Will says:

    Think I mentioned it before, but, find yourself a D.O., instead of an MD. (Doctor of Osteopathy, IIRC). Or, a Physiatrist. (sports specialist doctor) Both are oriented on getting you in good enough shape to no longer require pills/shots.

  9. joated says:

    You have my empathy, sir! Been there and done that. Too often. Will (at 1:27 AM) has it right, find a spinal specialist…preferably one who works with sports teams. It won’t solve all the problems but it will help.

    I’ve had a herniated disc, a spinal cyst–both surgically repaired/removed–and live/suffer with spinal stenosis. Two or three weeks a year I’m hurting badly because I forget to do something a simple as bend at the freakin’ knees or not try to do the twist while shoveling snow.

  10. Chris says:

    My sympathies to you as well. I had a bout with back pain about 18 months ago. I used a Chiropractor which helped but the ultimate fix for me was to start doing exercises to strengthen my abdominal muscles. I found the most effective exercise for preventing compressed discs was leg lifts.

  11. Desertrat says:

    I occasionally pinch a nerve in my lower back, and muscles spasm like crazy. I’ve found that if I quickly take 5 mg of Valium and go to bed, I’m okay by the next morning.

    Otherwise? Forget it. Ain’t gonna talk about it.

  12. Shootin' Buddy says:


    Removes pain and an excuse to leave on a mini-dadcation every day.

  13. Shane says:

    In 1980, I was rear ended several times by a semi. A few days later my back went out while I was showering. It felt like being hit in the small of the back with an eight pound sledgehammer. After a couple of weeks conventional medical treatment with no relief, I was finally treated by a chiropractor. I was almost completely back to normal after just a couple of days of chiropractic care.

  14. BobG says:

    My sympathies, I know how you feel. My problem is that I have a high resistance to analgesics and even injections of morphine do little to alleviate the pain.

  15. Jared says:

    I’m telling you man, drop some weight, strictly ration the sitting time, and get into a good yoga class. Hot room yoga if you can find it.

  16. My back problems have been mostly a thing of the past since I started training in Aikido. A good chiropractor will also snap you back together without the need for pain pills. Don’t go to one of those holistic, “everything will be better with Chiropractic” quacks, find a real back mechanic who will fold, spindle and mutilate you as necessary to realign your back.

  17. Joseph says:

    Hurt my back working a car wreck as a paramedic about 20 years ago…I’m lucky, it only affects me now and again. As long as I get high-dose ibuprofen and my muscle relaxer quickly, it’s a quick recover. If my lower back starts to spasm, it will be a couple of weeks (or more) until I’m back to normal. Pretty painful if it starts to spasm.

  18. Jeff Reid says:

    How did you first incur the injury, if I might ask?

    My Brother 43ish recently mentioned he had a disk injury. I wonder as I get closer to his age how I can best avoid said same….


  19. The Hook says:

    The aging process sucks, right?

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